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Gast-Tutorial: Infinity Holo-Konsole

Heute zeigen wir Euch einen Artikel, über den wir im Internet gestolpert sind.

Bei Scarhandpainting gibt es immer wieder spannende Tutorials zu sehen, und das hier hat uns nicht nur wegen seiner Einfachheit massiv beeindruckt.

You may consider this short tutorial to be an extension of “Tutorial: Infinity ‘Do It Yourself’ Gaming Terrain” article, in which I tried to inspire you to begin a hunt for some awesome day by day items. Pieces of what might be considered garbage, that usually end up trashed – while they are a source of unlimited potential, when it comes to terrain making. I wonder how it’s been for some of you – have you found some great ‘trash’? Made any awesome terrain pieces? I myself am working on my Gaming Terrain once more, (see: “The Colony: Special Project” article) and inspiration tend to tease me at every step. For example – yesterday I was taking a shower when I saw this piece of art:

SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 1

Isn’t that a wonderfull thing? It just screams ‘I am a terrain piece – release me from this earthly form!’ Cosmetics plugs are a constant source of ideas for me – but this one just blown my mind!



  • Cosmetics plug,
  • Modelling Knife,
  • Super Glue,
  • Piece of Plasticard,
  • Plastik round base,

SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 3

Instead of usual step-by-step I will just give you a hint of how this one was done. First of all I separated the plug from the rest of the bottle. Removed the upper part, then started to cut some small pieces of plasticard. Once I had enought pieces I used glue to compose a small town that fitted ‘inside the dome’. I used plasticard to make four legs for this ‘futuristic console’, put them together and mounted whole thing on the base. After that I just sprayed whole thing with white and made some smudges with a sandy colour. In the end I mounted the dome back on top of the plug – that’s it 🙂

Here are some pictures:

SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 4 SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 5 SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 2

So, now I have a Console to fit into an Objective Room – hope to bring more pieces like this to life in near fiture 😉

SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 7SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 6

Two days later…

SHP Scar Hand Infinity Terrain Tutorial 8

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