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Gangs of Rome: Erste Miniatur und weitere Infos

Footsore Miniatures zeigen eine erste Miniatur für Gangs of Rome und zwei weitere Einträge im Entwicklungstagebuch.

Footsore GoR 01 Footsore GoR 02

We thought it was time to share our first miniature from Gangs of Rome.
Sculpt: Steve Saleh (Lucid Eye)
Painter: Darren Linington

Gangs of Rome Dev Diary 3:

The initial fighters available to you hail from four separate areas of the city.
Being raised and trained in the streets and alleyways of their specific areas presents each of them with an inherent background talent they bring to your gang.

Although gangs may be constructed of fighters of mixed origin, fighters in your gang that were raised in a matching area of the city gain a „Synergy“ bonus

Born or raised in the same area and more willing to fight together as a team, fighters of a matching Origin are able to anticipate each other’s actions, and may freely MOVE through, and SHOOT through, fighters in their own Gang, that share the SAME origin as themselves.

Fighters from dissimilar backgrounds in the same gang, OBSTRUCT movement and BLOCK line of sight of one and other, as old rivalries can be less than ideal when forced to work together.
However, a gang comprised of fighters of mixed origin balances that fact, by offering a much greater variety of training from the different areas they hail from.

Origin Palatine – Trained by „The Wolves of Rome“.
Savage Resolve – Before a fighter trained by the Wolves of Rome places a coin in their personal discard pile, they may flip it in the air before it leaves play.
If it lands ability face-up, it returns to the players in hand coin bank instead.

Origin Subura – Trained by „The Cultus of Dis“.
Friends in low places – Fighters who are members of the Cultus of Dis may re-roll any multiple „I“ results that have heralded the coming of the servants of Orcus.
This re-roll may be made only once per dice pool.

Origin Aventine – Trained by „The Fighters of Aventine“.
Alert – Members of The Fighters of Aventine, gain +1 extra Defence die against incoming coin based attacks, made in any kind of REPLY to their direct combat actions.

Origin Circus Maximus – Trained by „The Lions of Maximus“.
Stamina – The Movement of a fighter trained by The Lions of Maximus never drops below 3 Gradus, no matter how many wounds they bear.

GoR Subura GoR Palantine GoR Circus Maximus GoR Aventine

Gangs of Rome Dev Dairy 4:

Gang Creation and Customisation.

In the arena of modern game design, there have been other titles that have demonstrated evolutionary Gang and Warband design in a very specific way.

These systems often required long campaigns of slow incremental evolution, for a fighter to reach their full potential, with any earned skills once chosen, remaining fixed to the fighter and tracked through record keeping.

From the very beginning, we wanted to „unshackle“ both player and their Gangs from fixed decisions about „what they are good at“, by granting them the ability to CHANGE their strengths, and styles of play, at will.
This means your gang is freely adaptable between games, making it able to meet the unique challenges they are sure to face each time it’s called on.

Gangs of Rome fighters do NOT enter play at a low level and hope to earn experience and upgrades as they play. Each individual fighter is a fully realised competitor right out of the pack.

In Gangs of Rome, changes in a Gangs skill sets and potency comes as you plan, tune and modify your style between games, by virtue of the Denarii coins, which will go on to accompany your gang both on the field and in reserve.
The Denarii, in effect shape each Gangs tactics as each single coin imbues the host fighter with a new option.

Your coin bank can be angled towards a very specific purpose for your Gang in one game, and yet be completely different in another even though the fighters themselves remain the same.

Coin banks tailored to specific Gangs are very exclusive experiences and there is no guide on just how to do this for a very good reason…
There are literally hundreds of Fighter cards.
No two basic fighters in Gangs of Rome are the same!
Every single Gang made for Gangs of Rome will be the only one of its kind in the world. Your Gang will very much be yours and yours alone.

On each basic Fighters reference card there are 10 different points of reference which cover everything from a fighters name, to their physical stats, inherent skills, story and even their patron God, are combined in our system, each drawing from a large field of desirable fighting qualities, to create completely original Gang members every time we make a card.

In short, each of the cards that run your individual fighters will be unique.
Not only will your fighters be completely different from each other.
Your Gangs of Rome Fighters will be different from your opponents as well.
This creates one of the real strengths of our system, as your fighters are themselves each unique, there is no way for your opponent to study them other than seeing what they can actually do when playing against them.

Synergy will, of course, exist between fighters sharing a similar origin in the city. But the real key in tailoring your coin bank to your specific Gangs needs is to really study each unique Fighters card you personally receive and to form a strategy based on what they can and cannot already do.

The skill sets already part of gang members reference card, may highlight them as being inherently good at certain tasks like climbing, controlling a mob, or defending against ranged attacks, to name just a few.
Fighters like these are all set up to become valuable specialists within your Gang, further enhanced by your personal choices in the Denarii that accompany them.

The strategic opportunities in this set alone are staggering and we will be listening closely to the GoR community for your suggestions to introduce „most wanted“ elements going forward.

Gangs of Rome is coming…

Quelle: Footsore Miniatures auf Facebook

Link: Gangs of Rome



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  • Klingt ja sehr viel versprechend und sieht auch so aus – abgesehen von dem etwas arg modernen Look der Logos (das bricht für mich mit der inhaltlich-narrativen Ebene, auf die man hier sonst doch so viel Wert gelegt hat). Die Mini wirkt wirklich gut.

    All das mit dem Münzeinsatz und der Einzigartigkeit der Kämpfer müsste man konkreter sehen. So ist das doch noch eine sehr grobe Absichtserklärung. Bin jedenfalls gespannt.

  • Reizt mich ungemein, extrem cooles Setting. Auch wenn das wieder einiges an spezifischem Gelände erfordert…aber eben auch extrem cooles Gelände. Fünfstöckige Insulae, dunkle Innenhöfe voller Wäscheleinen, kleine Plätze mit Imbissbuden, Brunnen- und Quellhäuser,Wegschreine und Wahrsager, Schlachtereien und Bordelle, öffentliche Bäder und Kloanlagen samt Kanalisation…

    Endlose Stunden an Bastelspass!

    Hoffentlich werden die Regeln gut. Klingt bislang interessant, hoffentlich wird die Spielbarkeit nicht einer innovativen Einzigartigkeit geopfert…

    Ich erwarte Großes!

      • Das könnte sehr cool aussehen. Das müsste eh von der Größe passen, wenn du dir die Größe der Caracalla-Thermen in Rom anschaust.

        Das Setting klingt sehr interessant. Vielleicht werde ich da mal einen näheren Blick darauf werfen.

      • Klasse! Und da sind ja auch kleine Läden und Imbissshops mit drin, unterirdische Kanäle und Heizräume… Mortheim oder Necromunda sind ein Dreck dagegen 😉

  • Hört sich schon mal gut an. Wenn jetzt noch für den Aventine Lucius Vorenus und Titus Pullo kommen, bin ich dabei.

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