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Forge World: Cataphractii Terminators Upgrades

Forge World kündigen neue Upgrades für die Cataphractii Terminators an, die sowohl mit den Modellen aus Resin und Kunststoff kompatibel sind.

New kit for your Cataphractii Terminators
As anyone who has fought Cataphractii Terminators in battle will attest, they already pack and punch and can take a heck of beating before they go down.

Well, these formidable juggernauts are about to get even tougher.

You’ll soon be able to equip these most durable Terminators with the deadly assault cannon, iconic heavy weapon of Space Marine Terminators in the 41st Millennium. In the time of the Horus Heresy, these weapons were still new off the Forge World production lines, developed for those close quarters firefights where you absolutely have to kill every impure heretic and xenos abomination in the room.

Forge World_The Horus Heresy Cataphractii Terminators Upgrade Kit Teaser 1

Also on the way are new storm shields for Imperial Fists Terminators (just in case that 2+ armour save and 4+ invulnerable save wasn’t enough for you). Always masters of defence, the Imperial Fists were amongst the first Space Marines to make extensive use these personal shields, and they fit very nicely with the stoic-warrior-knight look that characterises so much of the rest of the Legion’s elite troops.

Forge World_The Horus Heresy Cataphractii Terminators Upgrade Kit Teaser 2

These new upgrades will be available to order soon, and will be compatible with both the resin and plastic Cataphractii kits.

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  • Die Sturmkanone sieht nicht so schlecht aus, aber ich bevorzuge irgendwo die modernere Variante aus M41 – wobei, komisch, eigentlich müsste doch gerade die primitiver aussehen, oder…? 😉

    • Nein, müsste sie nicht, da die Sturmkanone während der Horus-Häresie gerade erst für die Terminatoren entwickelt und nur von Blood Angels und Imperial Fists getestet wurde.

      Die Teile gefallen mir, auch wenn ich die falschen Legionen für ihren Einsatz sammele.

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