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Flytrap Factory: Neue Previews

Flytrap Factory haben neue Preview Bilder für Warpod gepostet.

Flytrap Factory Neue Previews 01

rollin‘ rollin‘ rollin’….

Flytrap Factory Neue Previews 02

A wise robot once said….

Flytrap Factory Neue Previews 03

Kickstarter early reveal: The ‚Groat‘ Troop Warcrate.
Like the Crab the Groat is a universal Warcrate found in the arsenal of all four core factions from the outbreak of war through to the current state of things., The Groat a re-purposed transporter for work crews in every facet of Destrons infrastructure. Used now not only to carry combat PODs into battle, but to haul weapons and ammunition to the front the Groat is a ‚universally‘ reliable work-horse. The Groat Warcrate produced in polyurethane resin is provided with Crate commanders, tank riders, stowage and baggage, ‚Boomgalore‘ anti-fortification explosives and other items all created in white metal alloy (pewter).

Flytrap Factory Neue Previews 04

Kickstarter early reveal: The ‚Crab‘ Warcrate.
Found in the arsenal of all four core factions at the outbreak of war, the Crab is a re-purposed Destronium Ore Hauler. One of hundreds of tractor variants found traversing the vast network of desert roads between Destrons mining operations and Junker Forges ore refineries and off-world freighter port. The version shown in the pic is in the service of the Rigger PODs. Later in the war with the advance of heavier more destructive Warcrates, the Crab would become redundant and obsolete except for within the arsenals of the many splintered satellite factions that populate Destron. The Crab warcrate produced in polyurethane resin is provided with Crate commanders, stowage and baggage, ‚Boomgalore‘ anti-fortification explosives, hatches and other items all created in white metal alloy (pewter).


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