Fey: Neuer Kickstarter

Ouroboros Miniatures haben einen neuen Kickstarter mit 54mm Fantasy Miniaturen gestartet.

Fey Neue Kickstarter 01

Hello everyone,

Welcome and welcome back to those backers from our first campaign, Ouroboros Tales. We are back with another project called Fey. This range consists of fantasy characters of our own design with a little dark touch. Archetypical fantasy creatures, or entirely new ones, created in our vision.

These 54mm scale miniatures were sculpted by my good friend Christoph Eichhorn aka Trovarion and were actually the first miniatures made for Ouroboros Miniatures. They are cast in high quality resin once again by the renowed Grx Créations.

Ouroboros Miniatures is still a relatively new company specialising in high quality large scale resin miniatures for painters and collectors. We’ve had the Fey sculpts ready for some time now but could really use your help to bring these onto the market.

As said once before in our last campaign, producing high quality large scale resin miniatures is quite expensive. This Kickstarter, with your help, makes sure we can release them sooner than if we would have done so through the regular channels!

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Once again this Kickstarter is relatively small and simple. It consists out of three previously unreleased sculpts. The Moon Man, the Succubus and Hog! Joining them in the form of add-ons are Hypno and the Celestial.

To make things run smooth once again this Kickstarter is short and simple. Just these three (five if you include the add-ons) and that’s it. It ensures us that we can deliver on time, or like our last campaign… early!

We have some nice stretch goals in the form of a more in depth painting journal by professional miniatures painter May Aguilar Andreu of MayArt. Including a nice little interview. But more on that later!

So, the miniatures in question! You might notice the white gum like stuff between some joints of the miniatures. This is because they were stuck together with patafix so we could take the photos. They will line up perfectly on the castings!

Shipping information

We will change the way how we handle shipping. This time shipping won’t be charged after the Kickstarter has ended but during it. We are trying this way out and hope it will save us a lot of hassle. Doing it after the Kickstarter proved to be a pain in the buttocks!

Shipping costs are:

  • Fey single miniature €3,-
  • Fey combo pack €6,-
  • Fey supreme combo pack €10,-

The company who handles the shipping did a great job with our last Kickstarter and all packages were shipped a month earlier then estimated. We don’t think there will be a delay in packages going out to backers but would just like to add that delays can happen. Once the shipping company has your parcels it is out of our control. However we will do everything possible again to fulfill this Kickstarter on time.

Der Kickstarter läuft noch 14 Tage.


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