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Faulty Apprentice: Interactive Visual Novel

Fantasy Setting, eine Visual Novel und Dating Simulation mit diversen Charakteren in einem, sowie eine Auswahl an Miniaturen von RN Estudio erwartet euch im Kickstarter zu Faulty Apprentice.

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Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 1

In a world of Magic, Monsters and Mystery, you are the Faulty Apprentice! You take on the role of an ordinary farm boy that left home seeking a glorious apprenticeship. You have had a couple jobs, in fact, you have had a lot, more than you can count. Why do you keep getting fired? If you can’t hold an apprenticeship at this castle, there is nowhere left!

Is a lifetime of failure leading the Apprentice to a greater purpose? Or will he fail in a blaze of glory like always? Perhaps with your help and some new friends, you can turn this Faulty Apprentice into a true hero!

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 2

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 3

  • 4 Unique relationship paths! Each of the Instructors has their own mini games and personality quirks. Depending on who you spend time with will determine their role in the final battle.
  • Good vs. Evil! Not everyone at the castle has good intentions. Some may be obvious, others may surprise you; depending on your actions who knows what could happen.
  • Hand painted artwork! Enjoy beautiful character sprites, key story illustrations and animated backgrounds.
  • Partial Voice Acting! Key characters are brought to life with voice acting from the talented community of Casting Call Club!
  • Small apprentice in a big world! There are over 30 characters to meet, and over 15 locations to explore.
  • Platform! Our current demo is available for Windows & Mac! If we get funded, Faulty Apprentice will also be available in Linux! No Desktop OS gets left behind.

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 4

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 5 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 6 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 7 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 8

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 9 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 10 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 11

(More characters will be revealed throughout the Campaign)

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 12

As you have already seen from the prologue demo and also the trailer, we are already done with a good part of the aesthetics and game engine. But we need more funds to pull together the rest of the creative assets in order to complete the game. We plan to have more than 30 backgrounds variations, intriguing event CGs and multiple emotions on each character to deliver the stories.

Faulty Apprentice is something I do out of passion at my own expense. The incredibly talented people who help out on this game need to be compensated for their contributions and up until this point this entire project has been funded out of my pocket. A successful campaign would allow me to:

  • Focus on developing Faulty Apprentice without having to worry about doing side jobs.
  • I’d like to hire a full time programmer, and if the funding permits, possibly a writer and music composer to help out.
  • Deal with the business and legal responsibilities associated with releasing a game.

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 14

The digital game is included in all tiers, of course! But in addition to the game, there’s a lot of sweet new exclusive merchandise that you can only get during the Kickstarter. We are really excited about these new additions and hope you’ll like them, too!

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 15 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 16 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 17 Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 18

Not sure what each of the tiers includes? Here’s a handy and colorful chart!

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 19

If you are interested in ordering an Add-on reward, all you have to do is add that amount of money to your pledge. We’ll be sending out a survey after the campaign is over where you can specify which add-ons you’ve ordered and how you want them personalized.

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 20

Note: You must add a shipping fee to the cost of the item if you have not ordered the Pervy Wizard Tier ($50) or higher. To anyone who pledges $50 or under, since those are digital-only tiers, there is an additional shipping cost. Shipping USA+ $10 / International+ $20.
Please make sure that you’ve added on the correct amount!

  • Digital Copy of the Game- $10
  • Miniature Figurines- $55
  • Physical Artbook- $45
  • Button Set- $5
  • Wet Tunic Flyer- $5
  • Full Card Set (Set of 10)- $10
  • One Card Pull (Random)- $2
  • Digital Artbook nsfw- $25
  • Example: Your current pledge ($25) + Add-on of Physical Artbook ($45) + Shipping to USA ($7) Which comes down to the total of $77!
    [No need to add shipping fee if you pledged $50 and up.]

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 21

Working on a personal project is priceless…. but bills need to be paid! According to our current math, all this comes up to a grand total of USD $9,900. So far, all of our progress has been self-funded. However, if we hope to achieve a consistent high level of quality and content, we will need financial support.

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 22

And if we reach our funding goal, stretch goals will be placed to add on more game features. We believe that Kickstarter is a platform with people who support creativity and fulfill dreams. We have seen visual novels succeed here with the help of like-minded people and so we hope we will too.

Faulty Apprentice_Kickstarter 23

AGL Studios Team:

AGL Studios is a small indie developer located in sunny Southern California. We are making visual novel because they combine our favorite things: Art, Games, and Story Telling. Consisting with only 2 members, and with a background in concept art, we try to tell a story with each character we draw!

Geoff Trebs „Dinmoney“ – http://twitter.com/dinmoney
[ Lead Artist, writer, programmer ]
The creator of Faulty Apprentice. Mad concept artist.
Jesika Art – http://twitter.com/jesika_art
[ Assistant artist, producer, casting director ]
The ace (and micro manager) of the Studio.
Voice Team:

Michelle Renee Harris – https://twitter.com/Giggles_MRH
Elissa Park – http://twitter.com/AdoxTalks
Lauren Kawamura – http://twitter.com/LOKawamura
Uoza – http://twitter.com/uoza_c
Brander M Jordan – http://twitter.com/BradenMJordan
Connor Bushoven (BastionWorks) – http://twitter.com/CBushoven
Melody Muzljakovich – http://twitter.com/voicesofmelody
Jenna Kathleen – http://twitter.com/jenna_wenna
Olivia Steele – http://twitter.com/AuroraGuinivere
Chris „Flog“ Smith – http://twitter.com/Areyougaming1
Special Thanks:

Mr.Podunkian – http://twitter.com/MrPodunkian
LPchan – http://twitter.com/PerroneLia

Die Kampagne steht aktuell bei 14,992,00 USD bei einem Ziel von 9.900,00 USD und geht noch 14 Tage.

Quelle: Faulty Apprentice auf Kickstarter

Link: RN Estudio


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