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Farsight: kickstarter läuft

Der Kickstarter zum Sci-Fi-Mech-Brettspiel Farsight ist online.

So sehen die Schlagworte aus:

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Und das sind die zentralen Infos zu den Pledges:

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Ein Video zum Spielablauf gibt es ebenfalls schon:

Und auf der Website gibt es Infos zum Kampagnensystem:

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As interest has built over these past weeks in the world we’ve built for FARSIGHT, we’ve had plenty of people asking us if there will be a story-driven scenario campaign available to play with the core game.

So, we’re happy to properly announce something we’ve been working on under wraps for a while now: FARSIGHT – Global Conflict.

The World

FARSIGHT takes place in the future, after a period known as The End of Nations. After severe economic and political downturns, many of the Earth’s governments have been overturned by privately-sponsored, heavily-armed rebels. In the decades that follow, roughly 80% of the worlds population live as Sponsored Citizens under the reign of vast private military corporations.

These corporations are unlike those we know today: they preside over entire former-countries, provide for currency-less societies, and care for their citizenry: the vast majority of whom work in their military.

Yet despite this new-found status quo, nothing is stable: the corporations vie for more land and power. They fight to destroy the last remaining nations, desperate to wipe any idea of nationhood or patriotism from history, writing it off as a folly of the past. But more importantly, they fight each other: for borders, cities, resources, technology and personnel.

This is where FARSIGHT takes place – and where the FARSIGHT – Global Conflict campaign begins.

The Campaign

The standard game mode of FARSIGHT is a skirmish between 2-4 players, where they build an army, deploy them to the field, fight for control of objectives.

With Global Conflict, we plan to release online missions, with new set armies, new game modes, rule modules, and lore, giving you new ways to use your core FARSIGHT game at no extra cost.

Why online? Simply put, we want to make this campaign reactive: when you play a mission, we’ll ask you to tell us who won, where in the world you were playing, as well as other relevant info from your game.

We’ll then use this to inform who wins in the story, change future missions, and update a world map of what corporations are dominating in each region.

We hope that this campaign will give people plenty of opportunity to get involved in the lore of the game, and get as much out of their copy as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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Das sind die Stretch Goals:

LS Farsight Kickstarter 9

Die Kampagne läuft noch 34 Tage.

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