Faith: Kickstarter endet

Der Kickstarter zum Sci-Fi Rollenspiel endet bald.

FAITH is a roleplaying game in a sci-fi setting, where starfaring alien civilizations race to explore a dangerous, unknown universe.

This campaign will help fund a core book and a set of miniatures for the FAITH setting, as well as other components like gear and NPC decks and a deluxe artbook.    


In FAITH, you can be a star explorer, a soldier, a scoundrel or a mystic believer, using a mix of technology, training and god-given powers to survive the untamed regions of wild space against rival factions, alien perils and ruthless bandits.

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So sehen einige, für Miniaturenfreunde vermutlich besonders interessante Pledges aus:

BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 10 BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 2 BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 11

Bevor wir aber zu den Modellen kommen kurz ein Blick auf Buch und etwas Hintergrund:

BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 9 BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 3

The Core Book is a comprehensive compendium of the lore and mechanics of FAITH. It is the centerpiece of FAITH, and it will allow you and your friends to play bold adventures in a unique universe.

It’s an excellent entry point into the Universe of FAITH and the perfect way to expand your previous adventures if you are a veteran.

The book covers the rules and mechanics of the game, the setting and story of the universe, and everything in between. Beautifully illustrated, it will allow you to dive into a sci-fi setting with political intrigue, high octane action and strategical gameplay.

Here’s a quick summary of its contents:


  • Updated 2.0 rules, with several important changes.
  • Vehicle mechanics for piloting and warfare. Printable vehicle sheet.
  • Rules to play with miniatures. 
  • Character customization, including new Talents system with expanded versatility. Printable character sheet.

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This set of 8 FAITH miniatures depicts the 4 main species of the game. They have been created hand in hand with Big Child Studios, one of the leading mini manufacturers, and are intended as companions to the new rules we have created for playing FAITH with miniatures.

Und das sind die Modelle:

BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 4 BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 5 BG Faith RPG Kickstarter 6

Die Kampagne läuft noch 2 Tage.

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