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EDEN: Februar-Neuheiten

Die Februar-Neuheiten für EDEN sind im Shop!

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_1 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_2

Neben dem neuen Starter für die Jokers gibt es auch sonst einige neue Modelle für EDEN im Februar:

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_3 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_4 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_5

Alouka – 12,00 EUR

Alouka is a skilled Dante’s Angels fighter. She combines Hypnotic danses and warlike choreographies to defeat her ennemies.  She may be as deadly as graceful !

Miniature sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez and painted by Mohand.

Concept art by Bruno Bessadi.

Miniature casted in metal and sold unpainted, with a 30mm plastic base. Need assembly.

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_6 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_7 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_8

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_9 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_10 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_11 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_12

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_13 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_14 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_15 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_16

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_17 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_18

Jokers Starter Box V2 – 39,00 EUR

Join the Great Circus! The Jokers bring Chaos and Destruction everywhere the go! These brightly coloured gangers are crazy about explosives, fire and harassment tactics!

This box contains 5 metal miniatures and the gaming material you need to play 100pts EDEN games!

– A 30 pages Rule booklet, english version

– 13 cards (5 profile, 3 missions, 4 tactical and 1 tokens and templates)

-the following models :






  Notice that Oleg’s profil has been updated. This one is also available in EDEN’s 2017 Errata Pack!

All these miniatures are casted in metal and are sold unpainted, with 30mm plastic bases They need assembly.

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_19 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_20 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_21

Elenia V2 – 10,00 EUR

Elenia of the Jokers Gang, one of the iconic characters of EDEN benefits from a new sculpture! This blister includes two different profile cards to play the famous knives thrower : a 10pts version, and 15pts one, with an brand new special rule… quite in the Joker’s spirit!

Original Sculpt by Mohand, painting by Nicolas “Vargounet” Aguer.

Miniature casted in metal and sold unpainted, with a 30mm plastic base. Need assembly.

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_22 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_23 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_24 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_25

Yesugei – 25,00 EUR

EDEN’s earth will soon quake under Yesugei’s giant strides! This huge Khan get the “cannibal” special ability. It can carry his allied on his back and lead them to a state of frenzy thanks to its “Howling of the Steppes” special ability !

Yesugei is a giant resin mutant, set on a 50mm base.

Sculpture by Mohand and painting by Sébastien “Dark Iron Studio” Lavigne.


2017 Errata Pack – 8,00 EUR

We decided to release a brand new EDEN ERRATA PACK ! This year, nothing less than 17 cards have been updated, for almost all the factions.

The main news of this wave are the modification of “numeric prayer” special ability and new rules for several Bamaka sorcerers..!

Special thanks to our Beta testers Team, without whom this pack would not have been released.

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_27 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_30 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_31

HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_28 HGF_Happy_Games_Factory_Eden_Februar_2017_Neuheiten_29

Scenery Set Radar & Beacons – 25,00 EUR

This brand new resin scenery set will add a little scy-fy touch to your gameboards. These ones will enable you to represent some of the objectives of the Nephilim, Resistance, I.S.C. special missions , such as “The Modules, “Search the Probes”, “Follow the Tracks”, “Reconnaissance”…

Inside this Booster, you will also find two exclusive multiplayer missions playable by all the factions! Written by Hugo “Minus” Nivesse.

Models sculpted and painted by Mohand.

Link: EDEN the Game


1994 mit Warhammer ins Hobby eingestiegen und seither so manches ausprobiert. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Gefährten), Epic Armageddon (Eldar), Infinity (PanOceania), Warhammer (Slaanesh gemischt), nicht unbedingt in dieser Reihenfolge.

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  • Nette Neuzugänge! Alouka gibt nicht nur eine gute Figur ab (nettes Wortspiel 😉 ), sondern scheint auch eine fähige Kämpferin zu sein, die ihrem Gegner ein paar Kopfschmerzen bereiten kann. Elenia ist ebenfalls gelungen, mein Highlight ist allerdings Yesugei, der das Flair von Eden ziemlich gut wiedergibt.
    Die Farbgebung des Radar & Beacons Sets ist schon sehr „gewöhnungsbedürftig“, aber das kann man ja selbst in die Hand nehmen…

  • Ja, Alouka ist schon echt ein Biest für Ihre 20 Punkte. Das Modell gefällt, ebenso der Rest der Neuerscheinungen, vor allem Elenia.

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