Dropzone/Dropfleet: Show-only Modelle

Hawk Wargames zeigen nach der Saratoga Klasse (Web-only) jetzt auch ihre beiden neuen Show-only-Modelle.

With only a few days until Salute 2017, we wanted to show a few of the exciting new things that we will have at this year’s show, including the new Show-Only model for Dropzone Commander and our first official Show-Only model for Dropfleet Commander.

HW Hawk Wargames Athens Class

For Dropfleet Commander, we have the Athens Class Light Cruiser, which is a model variant on the Osaka Class Light Cruiser – the rules for which can be found in the Dropfleet Commander Rulebook.

HW Hawk Wargames Scorpion

For Dropzone Commander, we have the Scorpion Warstrider, which is a model variant on the Jaguar Warstrider for the Shaltari, the rules for which can be found in the Core Dropzone Commander Rulebook. This variant has 4 legs making it very different in looks from its Jaguar relative.

Both of these models will be available at Salute in limited numbers, but will be available from many of the shows that Hawk Wargames will be at from now until April 2018. Visit the booth early to ensure you pick up one of these and a few other of the select show only sets. Along with these we will of course have both Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander ranges available on our stand, along with 4 demo tables and the 10ft Avenger model.

Due to there being a number of Saratoga Class Light Cruiser models that are still to go out from orders placed, we will not have this on sale at Salute (we are shipping them out as quickly as we can manufacture these). However, we will be extending the time that this product is on sale on our site to allow for those who were planning to get one at Salute. This will extend to the end of April 2017.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the show this Saturday!

Die Modelle werden über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier auch in Deutschland erhältlich sein, z.B. auf der RPC und der SPIEL.

Dropzone Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben

Quelle: Hawk Wargames auf FacebookLink: Verlag Martin Ellermeier

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