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Dropfleet Commander: Kickstarter Update

TTCombat haben ein Update zum Dropfleet-Kickstarter veröffentlicht.

What’s Happening Behind The Scenes?

Good morning, everyone!

Apologies for the delay in this update, but we’ve been working hard to get everything in order over here in the TTCombat offices. We managed to sort a lot of the existing stock quite quickly, but there are still boxes hidden away with mystery contents.

However, sorting stock is easy. We found out that sorting Kickstarter backers is the hard thing. Here at TTC we fulfil our Kickstarters using Backerkit, which is a super easy system to use. Hawk used… a less easy system. I won’t go into too much backstage detail (no one wants to see the sausages being made), but it’s taken a little while to find out which orders were sent, which weren’t, and who was missing what bits. Unfortunately a lot of this still isn’t entirely clear for various reasons I won’t be going into!

What Does This Mean For You?

This means that a lot of people that were missing Wave 1 parts have now received them. If you are still missing Wave 1 parts, please let us know! You can contact us most easily in the following ways:

  • Send us a message on Kickstarter
  • Send us a message on Facebook
  • Email us on trolltrader@googlemail.com

We’ve been trying to go through all the previous complaints brought to Hawk, but as always, some people slip through the cracks (and those cracks are rather large). If you’re still missing Wave 1 things, let us know please! We want you to have the parts you pledged for almost as much as you want them.

I know we’ve been saying for a little while to hold off, but now we’re all set and ready, let’s have it! Thank you to everyone for your patience, we really appreciate having this bit of breathing room to get everything sorted. Hopefully this means any missing parts can now go out quickly.

All that aside, to make everything flow easier, if you’re messaging us about your missing parts, please let us know a few things:

  • Your name (obvious in most cases, but if emailing, it doesn’t always come up).
  • Your pledge level (we should able to find this, but just in case).
  • What exactly you’re missing from Wave 1. If you received incomplete products, PLEASE send us photos! It’s not that we don’t believe you, it’s that it makes it SO much easier to pick the right bits to send you.

Any other important information you might have to make the process easier would be great to include. We’ll be sending out quite a lot of parts in the next few weeks, so if you can think of something to make that process smoother, firstly we’d really appreciate it, and secondly it’ll make this all a lot quicker!

Wave 2

That’s right, Wave 2 is here too! We haven’t got a full inventory of some of the items in Wave 2, but we have enough of an idea to start shipping them. Pretty much all the stock was already at Hawk, so other than moving it to here and getting all the data we needed, we don’t see any reason for it not to go out.

Just to make this clear though:

If you’re only missing Wave 2 items, please don’t message us asking for them.

Believe me, we know that people don’t have their Wave 2 items. It sucks. No other way around it. But if that’s all you haven’t received, we don’t need you to tell us. We have everything in a big spreadsheet. It’s only really missing Wave 1 items we have patchy records for.

Some people may have moved house since they finished filling in their backer surveys. That happens. Wait, I’ll put this in bold too:

If you have a new address, please let us know!

Use any of the above methods to get in touch, otherwise all your goodies will be going to your last residence, and no one wants that (unless coincidentally another backer moved into your last residence, in which case they’d probably be quite happy about it).

We’re starting to send the things out at the start of next week. If you’ve changed address, you have until then to contact us. If you’re just waiting on Wave 2, it’s going to be on its way within the next few weeks. There are lots of you to get through, but it’s finally coming!

Just to prove it:

TTC Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter Update 1 TTC Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter Update 2

Oh snap! That’s a Scourge Space Station!

We’d like to thank everyone again for their patience and support in the last few weeks. I know that this whole process has just been another hurdle for all the backers before they get their goodies, but hopefully now we can start making good on our „trust us“ stance!

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