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Dragon Empire – Tabletop Army Kickstarter

Eine Armee, die angelehnt ist an mythologische Einflüsse aus Asien soll mit dem Dragon Empire Kickstarter von Titanforge Games finanziert werden.

About this project

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 1

The Great Dragon Empire is a fantasy collection that has it roots deep in the Asian mythology, legends and samurai culture. Of course we could not resist adding dragons and the magic of four elements to make this world truly supernatural. In this campaign we especially want to engage our backers in the process of model creation. In the incoming updates we will be gathering your propositions for miniatures. Later the backers will be voting and their suggestions will be implemented into the collection. Moreover, after picking the miniatures we will set up a series of streams and our lead artists will be sculpting live! That way you have a chance to see how exactly your idea becomes reality.

Our products are in 28mm scale. Check pictures at the bottom of our campaign to see size comparison. They are all casted in high-quality resin that ensures highest details, durability and flexibility. The only exeption are basic units. Those will be either in restic or in hips plastic depanding on the outcome of this campaign.

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 2

Thanks to our experience from previous Kickstarter campaigns and listening to hundreds of comments we designed our Reward System to be as clear and simple as possible. There are no points or complicated pledge compositions.Instead there are 3 options.

In Ashigaru Pledge you can back our project with any amount. After the campaign ends you will gain access to pledge manager where you will be able to spend that amount on all unlocked products and also further increase it if you wish. You get what you pay for.

Example: You want only one unit of Oni ($18) and Hori Mizu ($18). You choose this reward and pledge $36 for it.

In Samurai Pledge you back the project with $99 (or more) and receive Samurai Package with any 2 basic units and all freebies that will be unlocked during our campaign. You also receive $30 to spend on add-ons. Any amount pledged over the $99 for the Samurai Pledge will be added to that $30.

Example: You want 3 basic units (2 are already in this reward and additional one is $24) and one Komaninu Cavalery unit ($45). You choose this reward and pledge $138 for it ($99 for the reward + $24 for one basic unit + $45 for Konaninu unit -$30 that is included in the reward). On top of those units you will receive all unlocked Freebies.

In Dragon Pledge you back the project with $199 (or more) and receive Dragon Package with a Dragon, a basic unit and all freebies that will be unlocked during our campaign. You also receive $125 to spend on add-ons. Any amount pledged over the $199 for the Dragon Pledge will be added to that $125.

Example: You want a basic unit, 3 Konaninu Cavalery units and 2 Dragons. You choose this reward and pledge $213 for it ($199 for the reward + $90 for two konaninu units + $49 for second Dragon -$125 that is included in this reward). On top of those units you will receive all unlocked Freebies.

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 3

Beneath you can see what is currently the content of our rewards. Further you can see the add-ons that can be chosen/purchased in this campaign.

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 4 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 5 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 6

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 7

The more backers we find, the more products we can create and the more diverse warriors will origin in The Dragon Empire. Help the empire grow and get exceptional rewards in return.

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 8 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 9 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 10 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 11

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 13 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 14 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 15 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 16

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 17 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 18

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 19 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 20 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 21

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 23

Beneath there is a list of avaliable add-ons. Samurai and Dragon rewards have an amount of funds that you can spend on them (if you need more funds that are available in the reward of your choice just add the missing amount to your pledge). All models will come with plastic bases by default but it may change during the campaign. We will inform you about it!

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 24  Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 25 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 26 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 27

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 28 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 29 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 30 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 31

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 32 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 33 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 34 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 35

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 36 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 37 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 38 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 39

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 40 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 41 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 42

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 44

Titan Forge for many years has been creating outstanding models for wargamers and fantasy / science-fiction collectors. Exceptional about our effort is the fact that we opt to create the whole lines of miniatures, each with a single theme. That allow players to gather complete armies with a full set of units.

The new collection of miniatures, that we would like to introduce is The Dragon Empire. Our inspiration came from the Far East Asia. Right now we have a few miniatures ready for the campaign and if there will be enough interest we are prepared to create much more.

For the last 4 years we are working with 3D printers. Despite 3D printers becoming more common and accessible, the cost of printing in the highest quality is still noticeable, especially for big models. We are expecting a lot of detailed and high volume printing in this campaign and this is why we are looking for your kickstarter help! In return we offer a lot of brand new, unique miniatures in very promotional prices!

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 45

From the very beginning of our work as Titan Forge we have always had a dream to create a tabletop system for all our armies but we have felt like we don’t have enough minis to do that. We know many projects that had only 2 sides with plans to create more and failed to develop their ideas. This is the last army that we want to release before we move to the War of Titans. With Drakskull’s Menace, Bloodsail Island Ogres, Good and Evil Dwarves from the Mother of the Mountains and Daemons from Daemonic Kingdom, man and creatures from Dragon Empire will sum up to 6 different armies that will be a part of our system. We plan to launch a kickstarter for that project in late 2017 or early 2018 but in the meantime we will have a sneak peak of what we think of. At the end of next week we will upload files for you to download.

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 46

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 47 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 48 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 49 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 50

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 51 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 52 Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 53

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 54

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 55

Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager after our campaign ends. It will depand on the weight of the chosen products and delivery address that you will provide. Estimated shipping rates are:

Europe – from $2
North America – from $4
Rest of the World – from $8

Europe – from $8
North America – from $12
Rest of the World – from $20

Europe – from $10
North America – from $14
Rest of the World – from $22

Titanforge Games_Dragon Empire Kickstarter 56

Risks and challenges

In our previous campaigns we faced many problems that usually resulted in delays in shipping the products to our backers. Many of those problems surprised us and we were not prepared for them in the slightest. We have learned our lesson though, and now we are ready to run the campaign as smoothly as possible.

Our team is bigger now and we have much more prepared than we had in our previous campaigns. New models quality, new resin that we use for a while, new process, that asures quality, new 3d printer and a lot of experience should be enough to face all problems during the campaign itself and the fullfilment process. We made all needed preparations but we know that there are at least a few things that can create a delay.

Shipping delays caused by the shipping companies in last campaigns were an issue. We are prepared to produce all products as quick as possible and this way we will give our parcels a we days/weeks more to travel to you so even if they have any delay you wont feel it.

3d printing delays. When there is a lot of stuff to be printed it stacks to a serious number of printing hours. To avoid any delays in this area we have many models already printed and another 3d printing company ready if we unlock a lot of content.

Production delays. The biggest time-eater in production are units. In this campaign we will use a highly efficient process to create units or create a steel molds and inject them in plastic if we will really need a lot of them. This way our casting capacity will be used for models that require resin casting.

Previous campaigns. We are in the final stage of delivery of Lobotomy (our previous campaign). This wont cause any delays in Dragon Empire delivery. Dragon Empire campaign wont cause any delays in Lobotomy delivery as well.

Die Kampagne steht aktuell bei 54.889,00 USD von einem Grundziel von 10.000,00 USD und läuft noch 10 Tage.

Quelle: Dragon Empires auf Kickstarter


Nils, Redakteur bei Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop: DSA Armalion. Aktuelle Projekte, Eldar für Warhammer 40.000, Imperial MoW für Warzone, ein bisschen Shadespire und zu viele unbemalte Modelle.

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  • Ja, die Qualität gibt mir auch zu denken. Nicht weil ich den Kickstarter kenne, sondern weil ich befürchte dass die genau so werden, wie die von Warlord games. Da hatte mir die Größe, der Zusammenbau und der Detailgrad nicht gefallen.

    Bei dem Kickstarter hier würden mich fertige Güsse interessieren.

  • Die sehen echt super aus. Da kriege ich ja sofort Lust eine Warhammer Cathay/Nippon Armee aufzubauen, aber das letzte Bild, der Größenvergleich, zeigt, dass die deutlich zu klein sind, um neben anderen GW Warhammer Armeen gut auszusehen. 🙁

    • Ehrlich?

      Manchmal habe ich echt das Gefühl, dass das irgendeine Masche ist. Was erwraten die womit man dagegen spielt? Wenn ich so ein High End Design habe bestimmt nicht gegen Mantic.

  • Titan Forge, ne danke.

    War von der Qualität der letzten beiden KS nicht angetan, musste bei zu vielen Modellen beim zusammen Tackern helfen.

    PS: Euer link hat den Falschen Text

  • Da konnte ich nicht widerstehen. Das ist genau das, was ich momentan brauche, um vielleicht wieder zurück ins Hobby zu finden.

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