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Dark Age: Neuheiten im Januar

Für Dark Age kommen wieder allerlei Neuheiten.

DA Dark Age CORE Faction Cards 1

C.O.R.E. 2017 Cards – 14,99 Dollar


It has been a mere decade since the C.O.R.E. AI was reawakened. As its original code was incomplete, it has been filling in many of the gaps itself. Many of the robotic forms designed by Isuza Dynamics Pre-Abandonment are being used by the AI, and even more have been repurposed or designed in response to the various factions the C.O.R.E. forces have encountered. The C.O.R.E. AI continues to learn, and has an infinite patience.


  • A deck of high-quality, linen-finish, unit and upgrade cards in a custom tuckbox.
  • These cards are used to collect and play a C.O.R.E. warband for Dark Age.
  • All of the rules used to play the C.O.R.E. warband (outside of the Dark Age master rules) are found in this card deck.


The custom tuckbox contains: 36 cards – 25 Dark Age unit cards and 11 upgrade cards.


DA Dark Age CORE Faction Starter 1

C.O.R.E. Faction Starter – 60,00 Dollar


Before the Abandonment, Isuza Dynamics was working on a complete, automated, terra-forming package. The robots of this C.O.R.E. package were designed to follow various “build and replicate” protocols, all while seeking out bio-mass for their entropic cell batteries. Since it was switched back on, the C.O.R.E. AI has brought many of the robots back online, and has sent them out into the world with little adaptation. Other robots, however, have been designed and constructed following contact with the various other factions that inhabit Samaria.


  • Highly detailed metal miniatures
  • This 500-point C.O.R.E. Faction Starter Box is the ideal way to start a C.O.R.E. collection.
  • The Faction Starter Box provides a handy mix of robots with a variety of roles on the battlefield. The Ghost is a great forward commander, activating the programming in the others. The Infiltrators are somewhat fragile, ranged infiltrators who prefer to avoid melee. The Rends provide a significant heavy-duty melee boost to the Starter Box, and the DRG-Y is incredibly brutal on the charge. The Menials round out the force; although cheap, they are numerous and personify the relentless nature of the C.O.R.E.


Box contains: one (1) Ghost, two (2) Infiltrators, two (2) Rends, one (1) DRG-Y, three (3) Menial Bots, one (1) 50mm base, two (2) 40mm bases, six (6) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.


DA Dark Age Dragyri Spear Slaves (resculpt)

Dragyri Spear Slaves (resculpt) (3) – 19,99 Dollar


Millennia have passed since the Dragyri overthrew their Alteghran masters and forced them into slavery.

The debased beings that are now driven at the forefront of Dragyri advances bear little resemblance to their once-proud forebears, as they grudgingly take up arms against the humans (and worse) on the surface of Samaria. While they aren’t particularly good fighters, their spears are tipped with unstable xenosathic crystal shards that can possibly stun, immobilize, or even set an unlucky opponent on fire.


  • Highly detailed metal miniatures – these resculpted models have brought the Spear Slaves up to date, matching the contemporary aesthetic.
  • The Spear Slaves can be fielded in warbands of the Air, Fire, and Ice Castes.
  • The Spear Slaves are considered cheap troops, particularly when compared to the stronger Dragyri Trueborn. This makes them ideal for achieving objectives, while your Trueborn take the fight to the enemy.


Blister pack contains: three (3) Dragyri Spear Slaves, three (3) 30mm bases, and three Dark Age unit cards.


DA Dark Age Shadow Caste Havik

Shadow Caste Havik (1) – 16,99 Dollar


As their name would suggest, the Shadow Caste typically prefer to work from the shadows, but there are still many of the Shadow Caste Trueborns that desire to be engaged in combat more than anything else. The Haviks are great examples of the Shadow Caste Trueborn who live to spill the blood of their enemies.


  • Highly detailed resin miniature – this brand new model brilliantly represents the speed and lethality the female Shadow Caste exude.
  • This Havik would be an elite model in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband, and could also be fielded in a warband from another elemental caste.
  • The Haviks can infiltrate, and work best when they are in combat. You can expect to see them engaging their enemy’s ranged troops, buying time for the rest of the Shadow Caste to engage.


Blister pack contains: one (1) Shadow Caste Havik, one (1) 40mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.


DA Dark Age Shadow Caste Huntress

Shadow Caste Huntress (1) – 50,00 Dollar


The Huntress is a half-mad monster – a combination of equal parts Dragyri matriach, Arachnae behemoth, and otherworldly Umbra. Formed ages ago by the first Shadow Caste members to bridge the gap between the horrors from beyond and the minions beneath the bedrock, the Huntress is a testament to the metamorphic nature of the Shadow Focus and the determination of the Shadow Caste.


  • Highly detailed resin miniature – this brand new model is both elegant and terrifying.
  • The Huntress would be a feature model in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband.
  • Although she is fast and incredibly deadly, the primary strengths of the Huntress are being able to debilitate multiple opponents at once. Her attacks dole out Toxic counters, and she has a short-ranged abilities that Blind her enemies. Supported by a handful of Spiderlings (whose availability she doubles), the Huntress can make short work of an enemy warband.


Blister pack contains: one (1) Shadow Caste Huntress model, one (1) 80mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.

 DA Dark Age Shadow Caste Spirit Lord of Shadow

Shadow Caste Spirit Lord of Shadow (1) – 16,99 Dollar

In Dragyri Trueborn society, the Spirit Lords play a vital role. They train young Dragyri to properly wield the Focus of their element, offer spiritual advice and guidance, as well as acting as officers to the Arbiter of their Caste. Although this may paint a picture of a wizened old Spirit Lord, these leaders are skeptical of old age, ensure that they maintain their martial skills, and are prepared to die in battle.


  • Highly detailed resin miniature – this brand new model is a wonderfully sculpted in a thoughtful yet commanding pose.
  • This Spirit Lord of Shadow would be a feature model in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband.
  • The Spirit Lord of Shadow brings both solid combat ability and psychogenic casting ability to the tabletop. Position her well, and then use her Commander rule to launch an alpha strike.


Blister pack contains: one (1) Spirit Lord of Shadow model, one (1) 50mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.

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