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Conquest: Previews und SPIEL

Para Bellum Wargames kommen zur SPIEL und sie zeigen diverse Previews für Conquest.

PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 1

Hi. We are Para Bellum.

We are here to introduce you to a new strategy battle system that will provide seasoned wargamers and new-to-the-hobby cadets with a fun, easy to play and yet deeply tactical table-top wargame.
Although we are all mature adults and hobby enthusiasts , we are scared of the monster in our cupboard. We are scared of the dark side of the moon. We are scared that somewhere in North K they have stolen our plans and are trying to create a Brute. We are scared of the scale of the project. But it’s because we care. We care about the hobby. We care about your budget. We care if you didn’t sleep well last night and if your paintbrush has lost so many bristles that you need a new one. We care about your car, your toothbrush and if your significant other ever finds out about how much you spent for all the models in your storage.
That is why we, a ragtag group including gamers who’s ‘proper’ jobs are artists, sculptors and writers, have grouped up with Riverhorse studios to bring you the game we call Conquest. That is why we have toiled for hours upon end, going over every little detail of the miniatures to impress all gamers, including ourselves.

PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 13

We have made the Clone heads bigger, then smaller, then bigger again just so that it could match the image in the head of their perfectionist creator. We painted the Brutes a million different colour schemes to find one that would be more pleasing on the eyes. We have changed the bases so many times that we have lost count. The size of the Men-at-arms sword has ranged between that of a small dagger to a mighty Scottish claymore. We have spent hours playtesting the game again and again, so much that when we see a modular table we feel nauseous. We have debated the use of pink colour on one of our most vicious units and even though it looked fabulous we decided against it.
We have literally bled in order to prepare and display our work. But we have managed to endure this and carry on doing it because we are addicted. Addicted to the hobby. There is no time or money left over, because we love the smell of miniature plastic in the morning. Our kids don’t see us and our girlfriends go as far as Central America to get away.
It is our Passion that will not allow us to let this baby go. Bear with us, because the scale of what we are striving to achieve is immense. This is going to be a good one.

PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 2 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 3 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 4 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 5

Ein paar zusätzliche Infos gibt es noch:

PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 6 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 7

Und noch mehr Bilder der Modelle:

PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 8 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 9 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 10 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 11 PB Para Bellum Conquest Preview 12

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