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Code Zero: Kickstarter läuft

Garage Gaming haben ihren Sci-Fi Skirmisher „Code Zero“ erneut auf Kickstarter gebracht und diesmal sieht es aus, als würde dieses Spiel realisiert werden!


Code Zero is a 32mm miniatures skirmish game set in a futuristic alternate universe. Players take control of a small squad of troops, broken up into fireteams, competing with each other to achieve one or several objectives and complete their mission. These combat situations usually take place within a theater of war, on the borders along the core worlds of various factions. These dangerous worlds and systems which are on the outskirts of secured core sectors are known as Code Zero’s. The owners of the territories tend to change hands monthly since many of them are inhabited by second class citizens, those trying to survive and make a living in harsh future.

Code Zero is designed to create a cinematic feel of gameplay, while reflecting the dynamic ebb and flow of the battle that can happen within any given engagement. We do this by utilizing an action/reaction system, allowing both players to interact in a method keeping everyone engrossed with the battle. Utilizing alternate activations along with a different method to resolve reactions this can create some unique situations

The first of our miniatures for this universe are digitally sculpted, 3d printed and cast in high quality resin.


Code Erklärbär:

Dieser zweite Anlauf des Kickstarters ist so strukturiert, dass man erst einmal nur eine Fraktion des Spiels finanzieren will, und den Backern die Beta-Regeln des Spiels zum Download anbietet. Dies, gefolgt von schrittweisen Releases weiterer Fraktionen, soll sicherstellen, dass es nicht zu Problemen kommt, wie kleinere Kickstarter sie schon mal haben, wenn sie zu ambitioniert sind oder mit unrealistischen Finanzierungszielen auf viele Stretch Goals hoffen, um überhaupt schwarze Zahlen schreiben zu können.

Die Modelle werden aus Resin sein.

We will be approaching our Kickstarter a bit different than the traditional method.
A traditional Kickstarter sets a goal to create a full game. That goal is usually short of what is actually needed, with stretch goals/add-ons generating the funds for the remainder. This can often cause the core game to run into late delivery issues, creating multiple waves of shipping, or in rare cases, may even result in not delivering at all. By the time the backer receives the product, it has been so long that excitement has worn off or they have even forgotten about it.
The goal of this Kickstarter is to fund the creation of the Anazi Dynasty resin miniatures, one of the factions involved in the Code Zero game. We would like nothing more than for this kickstarter to be hugely successful, allowing us to fully fund the game and miniatures all at once, but decided on taking this different approach for many reasons.
Our plan by creating miniatures for each faction, one faction at a time, allows us to ensure we provide our best in a timely manner. This will let us run a smaller campaign, putting the full focus into each faction as we expand the game bit by bit. That means we can fund at a smaller amount which allows us to put the product into our backer’s hands quicker. Instead of waiting two years for something, you’ll have product within a fraction of the time.
Meanwhile we can start small and build the miniatures line while we release the Code Zero game rules in beta format to our backers. Although we are confident we can test and implement it in the traditional time, that often leads to rules being rushed out too soon. This results in sub-par rules, something that needs to be heavily revised within a few months of release. Our method will give backers a unique opportunity to help shape, adjust, and improve the game as we continue to build the product line. We really do value your feedback, and although we might not be able to implement every suggestion or idea, we will definitely listen and make adjustments where needed.
Although we have chosen the faction to produce first, backers will be able to help determine the next faction moving forward as well as what it could unlock. But don’t worry, that does not mean we will be launching multiple campaigns at once! The plan is to fund, deliver, and then move on to the next campaign. That will allow us prove ourselves to you, the backers, as well as continuing to foster the growing trust we develop with you, our community. It also means we can learn, adjusting to any mistakes or issues encountered on the way. The slow and steady pace will allow us to better grow Code Zero with our community.

Pledge Levels:

GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_3 GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_4 GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_5


GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_6 GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_7 GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_8 GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_9

Stretch Goals:

GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_10 GG_Garage_Gaming_Code_Zero_Kickstarter_11


Shipping costs are not included in the pledge amounts and will be charged after the campaign is finished, within the pledge manager. We will either be working with a distribution warehouse (ShipNaked) or a broker within EU/UK to be more friendly with our backers from across the pond. It will depend on how many backers and from where, which will determine who we work with. This will allow backers to not have to deal with VAT charges.

Please note that these are estimates only. We will be charging the actual shipping cost. The estimate is based on shipping the contents of a Captain pledge and Stretch Goals:

  • USA – $10
  • CANADA – $15
  • EU – $25
  • ROW – $35


Die Kampagne hat zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels gerade ihr Finanzierungsziel von 1.000 USD erreicht. 12 Tage bleiben euch noch, daran teilzunehmen und einige der Stretch Goals freizuschalten!

Link: Code Zero auf Kickstarter


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