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Chronicle X: Weitere Previews

Es gibt nochmal einen Schwung an Previews zu Chronicle X von Archon Studios, bevor der Kickstarter kommende Woche starten soll.

Archon Studios Chronicle X Previews Minerva Watts

Former police detective and mob enforcer Minerva Watts is no stranger to either side of the law. She replaced her expandable batons with twin alien swords at the beginning of the war, but her most powerful weapon is a bit more innocuous. The beneficiary of an acoustical engineer’s prototype sound weapon, she carries a boombox able to deliver potent sound waves and vibrations to aid her allies and hinder her enemies.

Archon Studios Chronicle X Previews Captain Jordan Bryce

Captain Jordan Bryce, code name “Intersect,” was the British Army’s most effective asset, making him a prime target for the Grays’ initial assault. Bryce lost both of his arms when the Grays tried to knock him off the board, wiping out an entire squad of aliens in the bargain. He is now Chronicle X’s de facto leader, determined to end the Grays’ invasion and reclaim the Earth for humanity.

Archon Studios Chronicle X Previews Gray Dominators

As campaign launch date nears, it is time to learn about Gray Dominators!

Rare and powerful, the Dominators are the true leaders of Gray society. A form of royalty, most can trace their lineage back to Tallack the Unifier, and those that can’t still claim a connection. No Gray is so foolish to question a Dominator, after all. As the Grays secure larger regions of the Earth, more Dominators will appear, passing judgement on those that failed in their missions and occasionally leading troops into battle, to the ruin of man.

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