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Chronicle X: Kickstarter gestartet

Archon Studios haben den Kickstarter zu Chronicle X gestartet, einem taktischen Brettspiel mit 32mm Figuren, Mensch gegen Alien.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 1


Chronicle X is a 2-7 player tactical board game, set in a Sci-Fi Retro 1980s, tasking players to either control the daring men and women that make up the military organization, Chronicle X, or the Overmind, a ruthless and cunning alien overseeing the invasion of Earth and the end of all human resistance. The Chronicle X player(s) have a diverse group of heroes to choose from to form their squad, but must also manage the expansion of their base of operations, using what scraps and materials they can to secure a foothold on the planet. The Overmind player has a cadre of alien troops to choose from to overwhelm the Chronicle X players, ensuring they will never save Earth.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 2

Es gibt für Chronicle X nur einen Pledge für 99,00 USD, sowie die Option zusätzlicher Inhalte zum dazu kaufen. Zusätzlich können über die Kampagne noch Stretch Goals freigeschaltet werden.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 3

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Chronicle X miniatures are made from a specially produced HIPS-based material. It is able to hold an amazing amount of detail (similar to resin minis) while at the same time providing the durability needed for regular play. Each miniature is produced as a single piece, thus no need for assembly. You will be ready to play straight from the box!   

 Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 25


Shown above and below are painted final production miniatures, identical to what you will find included in your game (with the exception of paint).

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 26

All base game miniature molds are already produced! We need your help to enter mass production and deliver Chronicle X to the world!

The entire production process will be completed within the EU (Poland), avoiding any fulfillment delays that can occur when production is performed in China. Chronicle X will be Archon Studio’s second new game fully produced in-house after Vanguard of War, which is already in the midst of fulfillment to backers. We have the necessary machinery, a competent staff and will oversee the entire process from the beginning until the last package is shipped to our backers!

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 27

Chronicle X’s miniatures are 32 mm scale but as you can see, we have models as big as almost 80 mm! Big or small, each miniature is brought to life in gorgeous detail as a single piece.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 28

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 29

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 30

ABOUT GAMEPLAY. Chronicle X features a rich and robust rules system enhanced by quality miniatures and components. Below are some of the key aspects that make Chronicle X a challenging and rewarding experience for players.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 31

HEROES: Humanity’s only hope for survival rests in the hands of a ragtag group of larger than life soldiers, scientists and terrorists. All the information a player needs to know about a hero is featured on their profile card, including special abilities and equipment. Each hero has a piece of signature equipment unique to them that can be upgraded throughout the course of the campaign. Heroes can also store equipment in their backpack, ready to use whenever battlefield conditions warrant it.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 32

DIALS: Each hero also has a unique Stat Dial. As a hero becomes injured, their combat capabilities decrease; moving the dial to reduce the hero’s health on the card also lowers their other stats. Pride will be the downfall of any hero who thinks severe injuries will not slow them down. Luckily, heroes can utilize healing items to regain health, and thus, increase their stats. A wise hero will keep a healer close by, for their support can mean the difference between life and death in a battle against the Overmind.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 33

GAME BOARD: Each mission takes place on a board built from 4 tiles. There are 6 tiles included in Chronicle X and each contains a wealth of battlefield features, from terrain that blocks line of sight and movement, to open ground and cover that affects the attack or defenses of those standing there. There are also searchable squares for the heroes to find new items and equipment as well as Access Points that dictate models’ starting positions. Both heroes and aliens must navigate the board and utilize the battlefield features to their advantage in order to crush their enemies.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 34

ALIENS: Earth’s defenders must face a variety of deadly adversaries brought from the depths of space to conquer Earth. From the Grays and their Commanders to the savage denizens of Devol, the Overmind player can customize their forces each mission to defeat Chronicle X and bring an end to humanity’s foolish resistance.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 35

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Chronicle X’s base of operations is an important advantage for the heroes between (and sometimes during) missions to sway the battle in humanity’s favor. Using scrap components found during their missions, the heroes can build new rooms such as the Med Bay to fully heal their heroes before battle or the Communications room to allow them to alter the difficulty level of their upcoming mission. The heroes must use their rooms wisely as the Grays’ army grows stronger with each mission.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 36

ITEMS: To aid Chronicle X in its struggle against the invading aliens, players can gather resources and equipment to upgrade their base and outfit their heroes. From items such as high tech bullets and first aid kits to powerful weapons and armor that can be equipped to grant additional combat bonuses, the heroes can find a wealth of items to use when taking the fight to the Overmind. In addition, the heroes can also gather scrap components which can be taken back to their base of operations in order to upgrade the items they have found or even expand their base.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 37

DICE: Both attacking and defending are resolved using unique twelve sided combat dice that feature Hits, Defense and rare but devastating Critical Hits. These combined with modifiers, penalties and unique attack effects, such as Stun or Push, create a quick and intense combat system. Profile cards allow players to monitor their models‘ states, such as the hero statistic dial, that alters the model’s combat effectiveness over time as the hero takes damage.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 38

Shipping will be charged via our Pledge Manager system after the Kickstarter campaign ends based on the actual costs incurred to ship. Below is a list of rough estimates for shipping. These are just estimates, and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals and optional buys you choose.

  • USA & CA: $10 – $15  

  • EU: $10 – $20 

  • Australia: $15 – $20 

  • Rest of the World: $20 – $30


Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 39

By default, the games will ship after all items are produced. However, as the base games will be produced first, you will have the option of getting your base game shipped as soon as it is produced, with the rest of your pledge shipping later. This “two shipments” option incurs an additional shipping cost and will be available via the Pledge Manager.

Archon Studio Chronicle X Kickstarter 40

In its short lifetime, Archon has helped 12 Kickstarter projects come to life by providing manufacturing and other services and products to companies.

We decided to make a name for ourselves as a creator of games not just components, so we designed, produced, and delivered League of Ancient Defenders (LOAD) and Vanguard of War (VoW) as a solo projects and wish to continue that work with the release of Chronicle X.

  • We are now 100% in control of our board game manufacturing process, including 2D concepts and art, 3D designs and all printed elements.
  • Every single component is made in Europe, avoiding possible delays caused by China shipping or New Year holidays.
  • We are using carton for cardboard elements supplied by a Germany-based supplier to guarantee the quality of the final product.
  • The graphics for our cardboard materials are provided by a local printing company that is 500 meters away from our manufacturing and assembly plant.
  • Archon Studio miniatures are made from a specially produced non-PVC-based material.
  • The process is called Unicast and it’s exclusive to Archon Studio products.
  • Our current formulation of the manufacturing material (aR MK3) is able to hold an amazing amount of detail while at the same time providing the durability needed for regular play.
  • Each miniature is produced as a single piece, thus no need for assembly. You will be ready to play straight from the box!
  • We are constantly improving the formulation of our production material to make sure our products meet the strict United Europe regulations and surpass customer expectations. We are happy to announce that products manufactured by Archon Studio pass all safety tests and our products are now marked with the CE logo „Conformité Européene“.
  • Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident you will enjoy Chronicle X, we’re offering a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the game. If you decide you do not like the game within 60 days after the Kickstarter campaign is over, we will refund 100% of your money. If more than 60 days have passed (but before shipment), we will refund the amount you pledged minus Kickstarter and payment processing fees. After a pledge has been shipped to you, you will have the right to return the product to us for a refund within 14 days of receiving it if you are not happy with the final product.

  • Delivery Deadlines Will Be Met

We set extremely optimistic delivery dates for our previous campaigns and still managed to pull them off. As we are now in control of the entire production process, we know how much time the entire project will take, from the first 3D models until the game is delivered to you. We’ve established a realistic delivery plan we will meet!

  • Archon Loyalty Program

If you back Chronicle X now, you will be become a member of our Loyalty Program. As an Archon Loyalty Program member, if you also back our next Kickstarter, you will receive a guaranteed bonus miniature absolutely free! For the returning backers who decide to support Chronicle X, we are preparing a bonus Loyalty mini to be revealed prior to the beginning of the campaign.

Risks and challenges

There are two major challenges when it comes to fulfilling our obligation to backers. The first is miniature production and the other is shipping.

We have a team of amazing artists who can draw and sculpt any character we can come up with and we own a unique miniature production process called Unicast, which allows us to create miniatures with unparalleled detail.

We proven in past that we are able to deliver on time and we will do our best to do even better job with Chronicle X!

Wir haben auch schon die Gelegenheit gehabt die Miniaturen aus Chronicle X uns anzuschauen, das Review findet ihr hier.

Die Kampagne ist heute gestartet, steht aktuell bei 109.880,00 USD, die Laufzeit beträgt noch 17 Tage.

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    • Geht mir exakt genauso.
      Die Präsentation ist zum Einen großartig aufgrund der sehr guten Bemalung der Figuren. Dann tauchen zum Andern aber wieder für mich zuviele 80er-Jahre Stilelemente auf,die das ganze Setting wieder etwas ins trashige ziehen. Da weiß ich irgendwie nicht, in welche Richtung das Spiel will und setzt sich daher für mich irgendwie vom Design her zwischen 2 Stühle. Aktuell bin ich dabei, aber wohl eher nicht bis zu Schluss

    • Ich finde diese Mischung aus XCom und 80er Jahre Action-Iconen großartig.

      – Beim Sniper dachte ich aufgrund des Renders auf den ersten Blick an Ron Perlman, aber das würde weniger zu den 80ern passen
      – Die langhaarige Dame kann ich gar nicht identifizieren 🙁
      – Hogan liegt wegen des Bandana und des Red-Yellow Paintjobs nahe, dachte sonst eher an den Typen aus Gears of War – da fehlt dann aber auch der 80er bezug
      – JCvD ist für mich klar
      – Eastwood könnte aufgrund des Renders auch Christopher Walken sein – aber Eastwood passt etwas besser 😉
      – bei den Stretchgoals erkenne ich noch Arnie, Brigitte Nielsen und Sly Stallone

      Ich bin drin… und befürchte, werde nicht mehr gehen 😉

  • Shut up and take my money

    Aber die “Heroes” sind an Schauspieler o.ä. angelegt, oder?

    Ich mein, ich erkenne Clint Eastwood, vermute JCvD und Pam Grier und der Typ in der Megarüstung erinnert mich an Hulk Hogan.

    Aber die andere Dame und der Scharfschütze? Wer könnte das sein?

  • Vielleicht kommt es in 5 Jahren oder wann auch immer in den regulären Handel… Abwarten, nur weil ich es haben will, muss ich nicht bei Kickstarter mitmachen 😉

    • Das ist Prodos in neuem Gewand. Ich denke das sie nach dem AvP Debakel einen neuen Namen brauchten, da keiner mehr was von Prodos gefördert hätte. Den LOAD KS haben sie aber soweit ich das mitbekommen habe, vorbildlich abgewickelt. Ich habe ihn mir erst Second Hand von jemanden gekauft, daher habe ich keinen direkten Bezug dazu.

    • Archon Studios war schon immer ein eigenes Label und hat Miniaturen hergestellt, während Prodos sich für die Spiele AvP und Warzone Resurrection verantwortlich zeigt, aber auch von Archon die Miniaturen herstellen lässt. Dahinter verbergen sich auch mehr oder weniger die gleichen Köpfe.

      So irgendwie war das meines Wissens nach

  • Hmmm… das hinter Archon Studios die gleichen Leute stecken, die unter dem Label Prodos den AVP KS versemmelt haben lässt bei mir auch die Alarmglocken läuten. Es ist ja schön, dass sie Load anscheinend sauber über die Bühne gebracht haben, das nach wie vor lausige verhalten gegenüber den AVP backern macht es aber nicht vergessen.

    • Naja, aber was wäre die Alternative, das geld von archon umschichten um prodos zu decken? Kein wirklich guter plan. Ja prodos hat sich mit avp quasi selbst gekillt, kein wunder das sie sich selbst neu erfinden wollen. Und unter archon haben sie erfolgreich selber ks gemacht und andere mit minis versorgt. ja das macht die avp situation nicht besser, ist mir persönlich aber lieber als wenn die Köpfe hinter prodos/archon und ihre unglaubliche unicast Technik Untergehen… Verdammt sorry für den massiven off topic text 😀

  • Naja, mit den Gewinnen aus anderen Projekten das Unicast-Verfahren zu erfinden / zu finanzieren anstatt erst einmal alte Verbindlichkeiten (AVP) damit abzuschließen zeugt zwar von unternehmerischem Geist aber nicht von einem fairen Umgang mit Menschen, die einem ihr Geld / Vertrauen geschenkt haben.
    Wenn ich dann noch die Kommentare im angeblich so toll abgewickelten LOAD KS lese, dann habe ich das Gefühl, dass sie nichts dazu gelernt haben. Backer haben ihre Sachen noch nicht und Archon Studios antwortet nicht auf Nachfragen… kommt irgendwie bekannt vor…).
    Eigentlich sehr praktisch, da momentan eh kein Hobbybudget frei ist aber andererseits auch sehr schade, da so ein Projekt für jemanden wie mich, der seit den 90ern ein riesen XCOM Fan ist schon extrem verlockend ist. Die Unicast technik finde ich auch sehr faszinierend und dass die Modelle gleich mit gestalteten Bases wie bei Sine Tempore kommen, finde ich auch klasse.

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