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Bushido: Yori the Whale Hunter und Token Teaser

Bei GCT Studios gibt es eine erste Preview auf Yori the Whale Hunter für die Jung Pirates und einen Videoteaser der offiziellen Bushido Token.

GCT Studios_Bushido Jung Pirates Yori the whale hunter

Yori – Jung Pirates

The legend of Yori is known across the Jung, spread mainly by the man himself. When deep in his cups he will tell any that will stop to listen to him, boasts from catching whales of unfathomable size to wild and fantastical sea creatures. The truth is Yori is no better with the harpoon than anyone else, however he has learnt to be resourceful in battle. He always has sake on hand and uses it to bolster his own and others‘ confidence when combat ensues.

Bushido Tokens

We’ve received the first digital sample of the tokens from the factory and they’ve come out pretty great. We have a preview of the tokens over on our Youtube channel, check them out here.

Quelle: GCT Studios


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