Bolt Action: Neue Zivilisten

Warlord Games präsentieren ihre neuen britischen Zivilisten für Bolt Action.

Populate your battlefields with the new 1930s-40s town folk + rural folk from our friends at Footsore Miniatures, perfect for Operation Sea Lion.

1930s-40s Towns Folk

Bolt Action Neue Zivilisten 01

Perfect for any town or village and can make great objective markers, from the stoic gentlemen, to the her ladyship and down to the paperboy, the pack has the means to give the town every bit of character it needs.

Preis: 9.00 GBP

Rural Folk

Bolt Action Neue Zivilisten 02

Your typical country folk, these ordinary people will do their bit for the war whilst the boys fight in Europe. However, when the enemy comes knocking on the doorstep, you can be sure that everyone will put up a fight. Use these characterful additions as urban militia or shire patrols during the ‘Invasion of Britain’!

Preis: 9.00 GBP

Bolt Action ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Radaddel und Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

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Quelle: Warlord Games

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