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Bog’s Mushies: 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter

Druiden, Waldbewohner und Armeen der Natur können sich auf sporenhaltige Verstärkung freuen!

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 1

Bog’s Mushies…

I wanted mushroom men for my favorite table top games. I sketched out the army and brought in the right people to bring it from paper to tabletop. Now, I want to bring it from my tabletop to yours.

I have enough prints and equipment to do small runs for myself and friends, but I want to offer Bog’s Mushies to everyone, as well as expand upon the models I have.

Let’s meet the Mushies!

Models are urethane plastic resin, but have been metalized and highlighted to show detail. All models will ship unpainted and unassembled.

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 2

Sporelings: The first of the Mushroom Men. The low level mushie solider. Designed to represent all the underlings of a Mushroom army.

$15 for bodies with caps and 25mm round bases. You will receive them in 2 poses with 4 cap varieties, randomized.

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 3

Boomers: The tough brusier soliders of the bunch. Designed to be the standard solider in a mushroom-themed army. Also makes a great elite unit or unit with magic items and enhancements.

$15 for bodies with caps and 25mm round bases. You will receive them in 2 poses with 5 cap varieties, randomized.

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 4

Muscle Mushies: Frontline mushroom soldiers. Arms come unattached to not only offer endless posing opportunities, but also to allow for more customization.

$15 for a pack of bodies with caps, arms and 25mm Round bases. You will receive them in 2 body and arm variations with 5 cap varieties, randomized.

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 5

Fungi Fatties: Created to fill a plethora of roles as elementals, shambling shroom troopers, mucid monsters and more!

$12 for with random cap and 40mm Round base

$35 for a box of 4 with at least one of each pose, 4 random caps, and four 40mm round bases.

Comes in 3 poses with 5 cap varieties.

NOTE: I tried to keep the prices on these as low as possible, but they are quite gluttonous with the plastic and drive up material costs. I am offering them in a box of four at a discount to try and offset the cost per single model.

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 6

Fungal Giant: The classic Giant we all know and love, as a towering mushroom monstrosity. The caps with the Giant are interchangeable with the Fatties and King with a little trimming, allowing tons of customization opportunities.

$22 for a pack of body, 1 random cap, 2 arms and a 50mm Round base, Available in 1 pose with 2 arm sculpts and 9 cap varieties, randomized. 

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 7

Sporelocks: The Wizards of the Mushie army. Druids, Wizards, Warlocks, Casters, Shamans… your wise fungal magic caster.

$12 for Wizard with cap and either short staff, long staff, or wand, and 2 bases. Available in 2 poses with unique cap, and 3 styles of weapon arms.

Select Weapon from 3 right arms: Short staff, Long Staff or Wand.

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 11

The Sporceress: The Mushroom Lady in charge.

$12 for the Sporeceress, Includes the Wizard’s cap and a Staff of „Richards“, Familiar, and two 25mm bases. Unique character set. Staff arm interchangeable with Sporelocs.

Does not come with staff shown. Instead comes with multi-mushroomed staff pictured on painted model above.

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 12

The Mushroom King: Your mycelium overlord. Comes with a weapon and staff, as well as a unique toadstool cap.

$12 for the Mushroom King, King Cap, Royal Scepter and a 32mm round base. Unique character set. Caps are interchangeable with Giant & Fatty caps with mild trimming.

NOTE: Weapon has not been finalised yet for the King. It will be previewed in the updates and will be a large Rock Mace/Scepter.

Und so sehen die Größenvergleiche aus:

BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 8 BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 9 BM Bog's Mushies 28mm Mushroom Kickstarter 10

Die Kampagne läuft noch 21 Tage.

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