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Black Powder: Preußen und Polen

Warlord Games haben neue Preußen und Polen für Black Powder in ihrem Shop.

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The Landwehr were militia formed from teenagers through to men in their forties. They were plucked from their fields, shops and offices and enrolled into the Prussian military machine to enlarge the forces that could finally depose Napoleon, the Tyrant of Europe. Prussia was a small State but her armies were well-trained and burning to avenge their past defeats.

Full with content, this box set contains:

  • 24 Plastic Prussian Landwehr Militia
  • 2 Metal command (officer and drummer)
  • A 4-page background guide
  • 11 full-colour flags

The Landwehr consisted of over sixty battalions and were equipped and trained as time and money allowed. A cheap but warm coat, comfortable cap and a musket were considered uniform enough to get thousands of troops out into the field for the restricted Prussian army of the time.

The Landwehr fought bravely in the later wars of the period, fighting hard in the 1813 campaigns and ultimately at the climax of the Hundred Days campaign that was Ligny and Waterloo.

Ill-equipped and half-trained they may have been, but after a few months hard fighting they went on to fight with determination alongside their brothers in the Prussian Line regiments.

Packed with superb detail, these plastics really capture the true nature of the Landwehr infantry, from the rugged farmers down to the youngster facing combat for the first time.

Preis: 16.00 GBP

Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 11 Box Layout Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 16 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 15 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 14 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 13 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 12

The Vistula Legion was perhaps the most famous of the many foreign units in French service under Napoleon. Formed in Silesia in February 1807 from an infantry regiment and cavalry regiment in the service of the Kingdom of Naples, it was initially named the Legion Polacco-Italienne (Polish-Italian Legion) as it had been organised around the Poles in Italian service.

This Battalion box set contains:

  • 20 plastic and metal easy-build Polish Line Infantry.
  • 4 metal command miniatures (two officers, one drummer and one sapper).

Renamed the Légion de la Vistula (Vistula Legion) in March 1808, it became three infantry regiments, each of two battalions, with each battalion having six companies of 140 men (one grenadier company, one voltigeur, and four Fusiliers), plus a Lancer regiment of 1,000 men in four squadrons.

The Vistula Legion was sent to Spain in June 1808 where it fought in numerous actions, the most celebrated of which was at Albuera in 1810, when the lancer regiment rode down a British infantry brigade, destroying three out of the four British battalions in only four minutes of slaughter.

Preis: 16.00 GBP

Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 18 Box Layout Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 23 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 22 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 21 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 20 Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 19

The Poles have been excellent horsemen for generations and in their innumerable clashes with Russia had learned to fight the lance-armed Cossacks, equipping themselves with a 9-foot wooden lance with a wicked spear point and coloured guidon beneath the blade.

  • 12 plastic easy-build Polish Line Light Horse Lancers.
  • Additional Polish metal heads.
  • 1 additional metal officer and metal horse.
  • 1 optional metal arm for a bugler.

Lancers were technically light cavalry but considered themselves the equal of better-mounted troops by dint of the dispiriting lance which would outreach enemy Sabres and enable them to dispatch infantry who ran or feigned death.

These fine models in their fabulous uniforms could be fielded in a single brigade or of course placed in regular light horse brigades for added colour.

Preis: 22.00 GBP

Black Powder Preußen Und Polen 25

There’s nothing more stirring than the sight of hundreds of men, horses, and cannon marching into battle! With this set, you too can collect the brave Polish men of Poniatowski’s 5th Corps, as they march with Napoleon into the heart of Russia…

Field Poniatowski’s 5th Corps with this set, containing:

  • 1 Divisional Officer
  • 1 Mounted Officer
  • 2 Late Napoleonic French Command (12 men to convert & lead your force into Russia)
  • 2 Mounted Napoleonic Infantry Colonels
  • 8 Battalions of Polish Vistula Legion (that’s 4 Regiments/2 Brigades) (192 Infantry)
  • 2 Regiments of Polish Line Light Horse Lancers (24 Cavalry)
  • 1 Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery firing 6-pdr
  • 1 Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery laying 6-pdr
  • 1 Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery firing 12-pdr
  • 3 Gabions

Preis: 225.00 GBP


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  • Die Figuren sind ja eigentlich schon uralt. Hat Warlord irgendetwas verändert, oder wurden die nur nochmal reduziert beworben, anlässlich des Russland Feldzug Buches?

      • Die Preußen sind vollkommen anders, die alten waren in marschpose und hatten Rucksäcke. Mir gefallen die neuen besser, außerdem dürften sie sehr schnell anzumalen sein, was bei großen und vielen regimentern wichtig ist.

  • Im Vergleich zu dem Zeugs von Perry, ist das hier gezeigte vom Design und auch vom Preis her lächerlich… Aber dafür ist das entgraten viel einfacher

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