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Batman Miniature Game: AK Campaign Book Infos

Mark A Latham, Autor des Arkham Knight Kampagnenbuchs für das Batman Miniature Game, hat auf Twitter ein wenig über sein neuestes Werk verraten. Knight Models haben ausserdem ein Bild gepostet, das man vielleicht als Teaser für bald kommende Modelle verstehen könnte.

My Arkham Knight Campaign Book is out soon from @knightmodels. Ready for some [minor] spoilers? Good…


In addition to general campaign info and new rules (cough… vehicles… cough), the crowning glory is the AK narrative campaign itself.


With this, you get to play through the ’story mode‘ of the video game, working out what would happen if Bats didn’t get his way.

But to play it, you need new game modes. Like multi-player and… Predator Mode. One vs many! These can be used in regular games, too.


The odds are often stacked against the Batman player, but he gets help in the form of allies and WayneTech upgrades.

The campaign also features a ’new‘ setting in the form of Post-Arkham Gotham, which applies to all the scenarios in the campaign.


And if you don’t have all the models for the narrative there’s ‚Alternative Participants‘ listed, so you can pick your own crew.

And finally, we’ve included rules for making your own campaigns, with a cool map, injury tables, experience and more!

Außerdem gab es dies bei Knight Models zu sehen:


Beware the Court of Owls…

Link: Mark A Latham auf Twitter

Link: Knight Models auf Facebook


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