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Bad Squiddo Games: Modelle und Tassen

Bad Squiddo Games präsentieren neue Miniaturen und Tassen.

Bad Squiddo Games Modelle und Tassen 01

Ok, I’ve been a bit mean teasing you with silhoettes and greens, so you’re allowed this treat………. Athena. Sculpted by Shane Hoyle, shown painted by John Morris. The rocks and helmet at the bottom come as part of the model too.

She’ll be up on pre order in a couple of weeks with lots of other amazing brand new release goodies…

Absolutely love this (biased, but still).

Bad Squiddo Games

Bad Squiddo Games Modelle und Tassen 02

A quick photo of the new mugs that just arrived! So excited! They’ll be on the website for pre order in a couple of weeks and out at Salute. Limited Edition as always.

Bad Squiddo Games Modelle und Tassen 03

Bow to your Queen!

Raising her crude weapon at the moon and shrieking, she is soon joined by a loud rumbling noise. The sound of thousands of ghouls scuttling at her command. They adore their queen, ghouls that come to pay their respects are rewarded with a swift bite to the jugular.

As well as commanding on foot, Her Majesty can also be seen riding many a beast. With this is in mind she is on a resin tabbed base which she can easily be clipped off and pinned on a metal, resin or plastic model.

Cast in high quality RESIN, and 28mm scale, she comes unassembled and unpainted.

Sculpted by Andrew May, display painted by Ralph Plowman. Concept by Annie Norman and Kate Evans.


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