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Archon: Chronicle X

Von Archon Studios kommt ein neues Spiel.

AS Archon Chroonicles X Preview 1

The Grays infiltrated every level of our society. They chipped away at our defenses and then invaded Earth at the height of its instability. Governments fell and militaries were scattered or killed. We that remain represent the world’s only hope of regaining control of the planet. Criminals and terrorists, the paranoid and the insane, we’re hardly anyone’s first choice of heroes, but we are humanity’s last. Welcome to the next chapter in our shared history. Welcome to Chronicle X.

Archon Studio is proud to present Chronicle X, a squad-based tactical board game enriched with resource management gameplay. Designed for 2-7 players, Chronicle X will feature a host of highly detailed miniatures using Archon Studio’s Unicast technology.

Like our Facebook page to receive the latest updates and previews as we close in on the launch of Chronicle X’s Kickstarter campaign on mid December 2017!

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