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Antimatter: Neue DeepWars Preview

Antimatter Games haben zwei neue Miniaturen für DeepWars auf Facebook vorgestellt.

AG Preview Oktober4 AG Preview Oktober3 AG Preview Oktober2 AG Preview Oktober1

New DeepWars reinforcements for the Dark Mariners are coming soon in early 2018. Vanguard Scouts are able to easily move through areas of obscuring vegetation, sediment or sea life. They can take advantage of this cover in combat to ambush enemies, sniping them with their disruptor rifles. Ethereal Thotag Crabs can be summoned from the dimensional vortex by corrupted Ethermancers. These nasty creatures are immune to poisons and are totally fearless, scavenging and tearing apart anything they can find to devour.

Quelle: Antimatter Games auf Facebook


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