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A Song of Ice and Fire: Neue Bilder

Cool Mini or Not haben zuletzt neue Bilder zu ASoIaF veröffentlicht.

We’re back today with some production samples to showcase!

First up, we’ve received a batch of our new and improved plastic trays!

For those unaware, we’ve made some improvements from the initial design, specifically with two improvements:

  • The first is that the top of all the trays are now textured, just like all the bases for our miniatures as well. This means, aside from looking nice, you could simply prime the trays in the color of your choice and they’ll look right at home on most wargaming tables (of course flocking and adding some scenic elements carries this even further)!
  • The second is we’ve carved some handy notches on the side of each tray to better grip them. While during games most players are going to simply slide them, for those that prefer the “lift and place” method these notches will give you just a bit more grabbing space to do so- not something everyone will use, but we’re sure the ones that do prefer them will appreciate they’re there!

With that, here are the pictures of the Infantry, Cavalry, and Solo trays:

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 1 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 2 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 3

Next up we have samples of our Plastic Tokens. We’ve also re-designed our Victory Point tokens to be separate tokens with values of 1 and 3, each with their own unique look. Finally, we’re also adding a Plastic Round Tracker token to make sure nothing is left out.

A small side-note, however, we unfortunately did not receive samples of the Objective Tokens. We’ll hopefully have those in a future update, but for now we just don’t have images of them!

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 4 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 5

Coming up next here is a quick shot of the Faction Dice, in Stark, Lannister, and Mercenary flavors:

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 6

Finally, we have some images of our Dice Bags. We’ve placed the matching dice on them as well, just for a size comparison:

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 7 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 8 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 9

And there you have it, loyal Bannermen! The Winter Months are upon us, and hopefully we’ll all survive to see the Dreams of Spring, but in the meantime join us next time- who know’s what surprises are still to be discovered!

Bannermen! Today we have a brief, but exciting update for you.

We’ve received some Plastic Production Samples on various terrain elements!

Since these are just some quick photos, let’s get right into it!

In case you haven’t been keeping up, during the Kickstarter campaign it was requested to see if we could color-code some of the terrain elements. We were able to do this, but this is the first time we’ve been able to show off these lovely pieces!

Please note the High Seneschal model is not a production plastic- he is merely there to show scale.

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 10 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 11 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 12 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 13 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 14 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 15 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Update 16

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