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A Song of Ice and Fire: Mastermodelle

Cool Mini or Not zeigen erste Mastermodelle für ASoIaF.

Bannermen! This is going to be an exciting week!

We have lots of images to share with you, so many in fact that we’re going to split it up across this week!

Things have been moving very smoothly here for us on all fronts! Development is finalizing… Well, everything (and we’ll have some great updates for you on that front later as well), production is moving smoothly, and all-in-all we’re very excited!

So what do we have for you today? Well you guys unlocked a good amount of stuff during the campaign, and we’ve now received the Resin Masters of most of those items, which we’re sharing with you now!

As we said, we have a lot of images to share, so we’re going to break it up throughout the week. We’re going to start North and work out way down, so first up we’ll be looking at the models from House Stark!

*Just to reaffirm, please note these are Resin Masters. These are the models that the final plastics will be produced from. We will have plastic samples as soon as we can, but for those who want a sample of quality, please check out our Wrath of Kings line of models, as they are done via the same process (PVC bodies, ABS Hard-Plastic Weapons)

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 1 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 2 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 3 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 4 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 5 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 6 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 7 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 8 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 9 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 10 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 11 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 12 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 13

Bannermen! Earlier this week we showcased our Resin Terrain Samples, which you can view HERE, so we figured we would continue the theme this week by taking a closer look into the actual mechanics and interactions of said terrain.

Throughout the Kickstarter we discussed a lot of aspects of terrain as we revealed the Optional Buy sets, but let’s gather everything in one easily-readable space.

Before we turn things over to Michael Shinall to give you the tactics overview, we also wanted to share some images of the resin 3D Activation Markers samples, which we got this week as well.

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 14 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 15 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 16

These banners are all 30mm and fit soundly inside the Trays (same as models) or next to them to indicate if they have or haven’t yet been activated this round. Alternatively, they could be used as Objective Markers as well for the various Game Modes (though do remember that everyone is getting a set of tokens specifically for that in the plastic token set, these would just add some additional „bling“ to your experience!)

Now that we’ve showcased those, let’s hand it over to Michael to talk some tactics:

Alright! Thank you non-specific narrator/host!

So Terrain is a super important aspect of tactical play in any wargame- SONG is no exception, with each piece bringing previously-unknown variables and customization to each game you play.

First, a disclaimer!

As previously mentioned, everything is subject to change. Final numbers, abilities, descriptions- all of that might be modified as development wraps up and things move into their final forms. You can see this even now as some items have changed from the WIP rulebook to their current form. This is not only a result of continuous play-testing but also from feedback gathered since the Kickstarter. 

That being said…

Terrain Basics

Terrain in SONG functions off of the Keyword system, which is… Well, exactly as it sounds. Each terrain piece is assigned a number of keywords that describe everything it does. While the terrain provided will also list a suggested list of keywords, please note that it is exactly that, a suggestion. For example: by default we list the Bog as having the Rough and Hindering keywords, but if you and your opponent decide that its full of dead bodies, you can also agree to have it have the Horrific keyword this game as well.

This also opens up options for people who wish to make and/or use their own terrain, as adapting it to suit your needs is as easy as just choosing the keywords associated with it.

Did you make a cool display of a destroyed ruin and want to utilize it? Easy as giving it the Cover, Hindering, or even Dangerous keywords- it all depends on what function you want it to have and how you want to play with it.

So let’s take a look at some of the Terrain Keywords we have to play with:

  • Blocks Line of Sight: Line of sight may not be traced through this Terrain Piece.
  • Cover: Units gain [+1] to Defense Save rolls vs. Ranged Attacks that cross this Terrain Piece.
  • Dangerous: Units crossing, or ending a move on, this Terrain Piece suffer D3 Wounds.
  • Destructible: This Terrain Piece is removed from play if a unit crosses, or ends a move on top of, this Terrain Piece.
  • Elevated: Units in this Terrain Piece may ignore intervening units and Terrain Pieces when drawing Line of Sight.
  • Fortified: Units gain [+1] to Defense Save rolls vs. Melee Attacks if the attacker charged through this Terrain Piece.
  • Hindering: Units declaring Charges that would cross this Terrain Piece roll 1 additional die for their charge distance and select the lowest result.
  • Horrific: Units in Short Range of this Terrain Piece suffer [-1] to Morale Test rolls.
  • Inspiring: Units in Short Range of this Terrain Piece gain [+1] to Morale Test rolls.
  • Impassable: Units may not cross, nor end a move on top of, this Terrain Piece.
  • Rough: Units subtract 1 from their total distance for any move that crosses this Terrain Piece.
Of course this is just our recommended list, if players want to make up their own keywords to cover specific pieces they may have, then that is encouraged- Like perhaps having a Raven Keep where the effect is if you end a move within 2″ you can draw a Tactics Cards. The generic list is kept simple, but again, we encourage the builders out there to get creative!

Terrain Usage

Setup will have you and your opponent placing Terrain across the table. In a standard game it will usually be 4 pieces of terrain total, though more or fewer can be used depending on the tastes of you and your opponent. You’ll roll off to see who gets first choice and that player will place the first piece (usually with the restriction it cannot be in a Deployment Zone). Their opponent will then do the same, noting that terrain must be placed outside Short Range of another Terrain Piece, and that will repeat until its all been placed.

Of course, rolling for Table Sides, aka Deployment Zones, happens only after the battlefield has been completely Set-Up (which includes placement of Objective Markers and such), so, while you could stack a bunch of nasty pieces in specific places, you always run the risk that you’ll  be the one saddled with dealing with it.
There is a bit more to the overall order of operations, but those are the basics. Now that we’ve covered all that, let’s look at some examples of terrain in use:

Terrain Examples

Let’s multi-purpose those pictures from earlier this week!

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 17 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 18 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 19 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 20 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 21 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 22 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 23 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 24 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Mastermodelle 25

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  • Ist das wieder aus diesem Restic-Zeug?

    An sich wären die Minis ja wirklich ganz gut. Nicht zu viel Klimbim und einigermaßen korrekte Proportionen.
    Ein Versuch wärs wert.

      • Was glaubst du denn was Restic ist?

        Restic ist nur ein schöner Kunstname der verschleiern soll das es sich um PVC Figuren handelt.

      • Das mag schon sein. Aber wenn ich das Material von Mantics Restic Minis mit denen von zb Black Plague vergleiche, dann ist da ein haushoher Unterschied. Absolut keine Gussgrate! Wenn die Waffen eben aus dem vom Spritzguss bekannten Abs gemacht werden, dann wirds perfekt. Bei Mythic Battles wirds genauso gemacht.

        Manchmal Frage ich mich auch was die Leute für den Preis erwarten?

      • @Blackdeath Miniatures: Da müsste ich dann aber mal hinterfragen, welche Restic-Minis von Mantic Du zuletzt in der Hand hattest. Die Modelle für die neue Deadzone-Edition und Walking Dead müssen sich vor Black Plague (das in der Tat sehr coole Minis hat) in keinster Weise verstecken, und dass Dinge wie die alten Dreadball-Modelle deutlich schlechter waren, liegt primär daran, dass sie mehrere Jahre auf dem Buckel haben und die Technik seither besser geworden ist.

        Letztlich ist Restic nur eine weitere unspezifische Bezeichung für PVC, und genau wie bei PVC gibt es auch bei Restic keine echte Vorgabe zur Zusammensetzung. Es gibt wohl Hunderte Restic-/PVC-Zusammensetzungen und jede Firma macht da irgendwie ein bisschen was anders. Das macht leider eine Abschätzung in Sachen Qualität recht schwer, man muss sich in der Tat ein wenig auf den Track Record der Firma verlassen, und da kann man bei CMoN recht zuversichtlich sein.

      • Das Material das CMON verwendet ist wirklich super. Für mich persönlich besser als Hartplastik oder Resin, weil das PVC sehr robust ist und auch die Farbe sehr gut hält wenn eine Mini mal vom Tisch fliegt, gleichzeitig die Details aber auch sehr scharf sind. Das ist für mich das Material der Zukunft.

    • DIe dürften im normalen Bereich zwischen 28 und 32mm sein, genau wird das erst ein Vergleich zeigen können. Die Resinmaster sind nur bedingt für Vergleiche geeignet, da PVC-Minis beim Aushärten ein wenig schrumpfen (daher auch die stets etwas weicheren Details).

      • Aus dem FAQ:

        What is the size of the miniatures?

        The ‚A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game‘ miniatures are around 32mm to the eye level.

    • Also die „Wrath of the King“ Minis sind vom Fuß und der Verarbeitung absolut solide. Zumindest besser als jedes GW-Gelände, was ich jemals in der Hand gehabt habe. Und PVC ist nicht PVC, wie schon viele andere geschrieben haben. Der Fuß von RN Estudio ist beispielsweise der Beste Gut, den ich jemals in der Hand hatte. Dazu lässt es sich dann noch ähnlich gut wie Hartplastik bearbeiten ohne die gravierenden Nachteile dieses Werkstoffs zu haben.

  • Das Gezeigte gefällt mir außerordentlich gut. Jetzt überlege ich schon wieder, noch ein late pledge zu holen, nachdem ich die ganze Zeit, während der Kickstarter lief, mit mir gerungen habe und schließlich die Vernunft obsiegte.
    Gerade dass die Miniaturen eher schlicht gehalten und nicht mit unnötigen Details überfrachtet sind, finde ich gut.

  • Nette Figuren und nettes Gelände. Wenn ich mir Umber (#4) und Rodrick (#7) genauer ansehe, vorallem deren Gambesons, dann fällt mir ein, wieviele detailliertere Minis es gibt. Nicht überladener, sondern feiner.

    Die hier werden trotzem ihren Zweck erfüllen und Abnehmer finden. Und vlt. sind die Regeln ja so gut, das ich mit meiner Armee aus dem Hause Prox dazu stoße.

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