Dead Man’s Hand: The Curse of Dead Man’s Hand

“Was Tombstone kann, können wir schon lange” denken sich Great Escape Games und zeigen weitere Previews der kommenden “The Curse of Dead Man’s Hand” Erweiterung, in der es dann auch Weird gen Westen geht, mit untoten Schrecken und allem, was dazugehört! Die Erweiterung soll noch im Laufe dieser Woche vorbestellbar sein.


The Curse of Dead Man’s Hand up for pre-order next week!


The Baron and all of his Cursed companions!


With the arrival of the mysterious Baron in Dead Man’s Hand comes the appearance of a number of Ungodly Creatures. Strange beasts have emerged in the midst of a good, honest gunfight in town and dragged off the occasional cowboy, and others have been seen stalking the shadows in the dark hours.

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The Ungodly are watched by a redoubtable plains warrior of unknown origin. He is one of the new Rogue packs for Dead Man’s Hand along with four new gangs, including The Ungodly and the Malevolent Seven!

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Nobody knows who the mysterious new arrival is in Dead Man’s Hand. Indeed, nobody even saw him arrive except for Old Man Jones, and most folk see him as an old coot with all his tales and stories.

Some say he came from way down south in the Caribbean Islands; others say he came from Europe fleeing from others that were hunting him. Whoever he is and wherever he came from don’t seem to matter so much as what he’s doing here and what he wants. Any strange occurrence, any weird sighting, missing travellers, even unexplained sounds at night are now blamed on The Baron. And that’s because he’s probably behind most of them!

The Wendigo may be a spirit creature or once a man turned to cannibalism and now cursed with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Gaunt and agile, the Wendigo will kill quickly those it finds in dark and lonely places, dragging the unfortunate to feast on its meat.

Have they been drawn to Dead Man’s Hand because of The Baron, or has he brought them here to terrorise the town?

There will be more news from The Curse of Dead Man’s Hand on our website, in the wargames press, on social media and in our newsletter

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Something wicked is coming to Dead Man’s Hand! The Curse of Dead Man’s Hand hits town this April with a new book, a host of new gangs and figure packs, and a new range of 4Ground buildings!


What shall we show this Friday?

Und zu guter Letzt noch die Malevolent Seven und die Mountain Men:

GEG_Great_Escape_Games_The_Curse_of_Dead_Mans_Hand_Preview_14 GEG_Great_Escape_Games_The_Curse_of_Dead_Mans_Hand_Preview_15

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