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Yōkai Quest: Kickstarter online

Zenit Miniatures haben einen neuen Kickstarter gestartet.

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Yōkai Quest is a collaborative game for 1 or more players, set in a fantasy, Japan-inspired world with a chibi look. The players control brave heroes who face the evil plans of ninjas of the Red Claw and terrifying yōkai, in an action game inspired by the mechanics of beat’em up and RPG.

Yōkai Quest will be available in five languages! While the contents of the boxes are in English, documents for the different languages will be available for free to download. Also, during the post campaign pledge manager, physical copies of both the Rulebook and Adventure Book will be available in Spanish, Italian, French and German.

So sieht der Inhalt derzeit aus:

ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_1 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_2 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_3

ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_4 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_5

All „Hero“ pledge get Yōkai Quest Game Box + The Oni Invasion Expansion Box + all unlocked free Stretch Goals!

Yōkai Quest is a collaborative board game, heavily based in the classic mechanics of beat’em up games and RPGs. Set in a fantasy, Japan-inspired world, the miniatures included are designed with “chibi” look; this means a cute way of design, with the characters having big and expressive faces.

In Yōkai Quest, a game is played in stages, each one represented by a board.

The chosen scenario to play will specify which board must be set at each stage, where the spawn points of the yōkai are placed, the entry point of the heroes and what they must accomplish in order to advance to the next stage.

At the final stage, the final boss awaits. Heroes must defeat these powerful enemies to win the scenario.

The Game Box will include a variety of scenarios, and a complete campaign with its own history and development, well described in the Adventure Book.

ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_6 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_7 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_8

ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_9 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_10

Players can choose between different heroes: the brave samurai, the stoic monk, the fiery gunslinger, the righteous priest, and many more! Each hero has a unique set of traits: movement, health, defence, melee power, reach and ranged power. All these traits are listed in the hero’s card.

In Yōkai Quest two types of 6-sided special dice are used, with the icon of a Katana or a Helmet printed on their faces.

  • Red die: four faces with a Katana icon and two faces with a Helmet icon.
  • Blue die: four faces with a Helmet icon and two faces with a Katana icon.

The steps to resolve the attacks in Yōkai Quest are:

  • The attacker throws the combination of dice indicated either in the basic attack or in the ability card.
  • The results with a Katana are kept.
  • The defender throws their defence combination of dice. For each Helmet result, one Katana result from the attacker is nullified.
  • The final number of Katana results obtained by the attacker is the number of wounds taken by the defender.

Das sind die Stretch Goals:

ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_11 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_12 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_13 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_14

ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_15 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_16 ZM_Zenit_Yōkai_Quest_Kickstarter_17

Die Kampagne läuft noch 28 Tage.

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