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World of Twilight: Neuheiten

Für World of Twilight kommen neue Modelle.

WoT_World_of_Twilight_Preview_1 WoT_World_of_Twilight_Preview_2 WoT_World_of_Twilight_Preview_3

Christmas has come early!

Mark Craggs has been working hard at a couple of new sculpts for the Dhogu so I am pleased to present the fearsome Yartain (a big hairy snow-monster) and Tak Sirahn, (an old dhogu shaman). I have a small number of these new releases available before Christmas before a full release in the new year.

Einzeln kostet der Yartain 16,oo Pfund, das Set kostet 21,00 Pfund.

Das hier gab es auch noch:


Plus! For the next week, all orders of over £100 (inc postage) will get a free copy of Baby Gil to accompany them. Baby Gil was sculpted as a thank you to those who helped make the first kickstarter a success, so he’s been a very limited!
And! I’ve also added all the Casanii models to the store, plus some cool Christmas cards etc…

Außerdem war da noch der hier:


Dompak Riders with infantry (KS) – 36,00 Pfund

Resin Dompaku with 3 Dompaku Riders. This version of the model is accompanied by a metal Feral Boss and two metal Feral Slings to allow the riders to dismount during the game.

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