WAMP: Fusion Bases Kickstarter endet!

Das Miniaturen-Bemal-Forum WAMP hat einen neuen Kickstarter ins Leben gerufen, der noch heute endet!

Fusion bases offer a quick and easy way to create great display quality wargaming miniature bases and plinths with little effort.

Worum geht’s?

In diesem Kickstarter werden vor allem flexible Display Bases verkauft, die man wahlweise mit oder ohne Hintergrund sowie mit oder ohne Sockel zusammenbauen kann. Dabei sind eine Vielzahl verschiedener Designs und Settings verfügbar.

Fusion is a new concept in basing that allows for the easy creation of display quality basing.

The idea is simple. A series of wall, floor and plinth elements that can be mixed and matched for a variety of possibilities.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Pick a floor.

2. Add a wall (if you want to).

3, Add a plinth (if you want to).

We have designed them with a tabbed system to allow for a quick and easy fix.


It doesn’t end there though. Each floor piece comes with a little infill piece so, if you don’t want to use a wall, you can just glue the infill piece in place and you have a simple floor. To give even more versatility we have designed a series of plinths that accompany the bases perfectly. Whether you opt for a plain, or detailed plinth, you will get a great looking display, or you may choose not to use a plinth at all. The choice is yours and that’s the beauty of Fusion.

We have created a series of themed sets. Each contains a variety of floors, walls and plinths that mix and match with each other. Each Deluxe set comes as standard with 3 floors, 3 walls and two plinths giving you 48 different combinations!


Was gibt’s da so?

Hier seht ihr eine Auswahl an Bases, Hintergründen, Sockeln und Extras, die in dem Kickstarter angeboten werden. Viele mehr findet ihr auf der Kickstarter-Seite!

wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_4 wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_9

wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_3 wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_10 wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_11

wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_5 wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_6 wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_7 wamp_fusion_bases_kickstarter_8


To make things fair to all backers we will be adding shipping after the kickstarter, via our pledge manager. We find this is the fairest way to cover postage at cost, rather than trying to shoehorn everyone into certain prices. Below you can find a guide to the estimated shipping costs based on the standard pledges. Some add ons (especially plinths) may increase the cost slightly. The actual shipping price should be slightly cheaper than the graphic, in many cases (especially Rest of the World) by a few pence. These prices are based on standard delivery. Tracking and other options will be available as well.


Der Kickstarter hat mit mehr als 4.700 GBP das Finanzierungsziel von 1.500 GBP bereits deutlich überschritten und einige Stretch Goals wurden freigeschaltet. Die Kampagne läuft nur noch 20 Stunden, also schnell zuschlagen!

Link: Fusion Bases auf Kickstarter

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