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Victrix: Neuheiten

Das Team von Victrix bringt zwei neue Sets der Spanier.

Victrix_Spanier_Balearic_Slingers_1 Victrix_Spanier_Balearic_Slingers_5 Victrix_Spanier_Balearic_Slingers_6

Ancient Iberian Unarmoured Warriors£26,95

This set of 40 figures contains 36 unarmoured warriors and 4 command including chiefs and standard bearers.

The Ancient Iberians were one of Rome’s most formidable foes during the republics expansion into the Iberian Peninsular. Furthermore the Iberians were also in the pay of Carthage as one of the North African kingdom’s most effective allies.

The warriors in this set are armed with sword, daggers, javelins and pilums. They are also equipped with an assortment of oval, scutum and round shields. There will be a comprehensive series of shield transfers from LittleBigMenStudios to compliment the range. The figures feature much ornate belt, buckle, breast plate, sword hilt, helmet and crest detail allowing gamers to field a colourful and vibrant army.

Victrix_Spanier_Balearic_Slingers_4 Victrix_Spanier_Balearic_Slingers_2

Ancient Balearic Slingers£11,95

This product is only available direct from Victrix and features a 12 man set of Balearic slingers.

The sling had been a popular weapon throughout ancient history but it was the Balearic slinger the presented the zenith of the use of the sling as an effective weapon of war. It is said that the slingers from the Balearic weapons had been proficient with the sling for many years using it both in warfare and hunting. With the onset of the Punic Wars there was much opportunity for these slingers to hire themselves out as mercenaries and thus much emphasis was put into training with the sling. It is said that a good slinger could propel his missile up to 400 metres, this being greater then the bow and arrow.

Although ammunition in the form of stones could be found readily many slingers favoured lead missiles due the their smaller size and the fact they were very difficult for the enemy to see with the naked eye. Some missiles would be cast from lead and feature fins that would aid flight and trajectory.

Balearic slingers were used extensively throughout the Punic Wars and would feature in the armies of Rome and Carthage.

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  • Die wirken doch ganz gut auf den Previewbildern. Über die historische Authentizität kann ich allerdings wenig sagen – es wirkt aber überzeugend. Sicher was für alle Freunde von antiken historischen Systemen wie Hail Cesar und Co.

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