Victrix: Gallic Infantry

Victrix Limited präsentieren erste Render Bilder ihres kommenden Infanterie Sets.

Victrix_Gallic_Infantry_01 Victrix_Gallic_Infantry_02 Victrix_Gallic_Infantry_03

Victrix_Gallic_Infantry_04 Victrix_Gallic_Infantry_05

I am delighted to show the first render of our future Gallic Infantry set.

Here are a few notes from the head of design:

“The shield is a place holder at present but the intention will be to design a variety of Gallic shields.

We made the figure a little taller than the Romans as Gauls were reputed to have been taller. We wanted a good musculature but not over the top with 10 packs from a muscle mag!”

At present the plan is to have a set of 48 figures comprising 6 command (Chieftens, musicians and standard bearers) and 42 warrior figures. The main frame will feature 6 warrior figures with many head, arm and weapon options.

In addition we will also be releasing a 24 man “Naked Fanatics” set including the relevant command pieces.


Quelle: Victrix Limited auf Facebook

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