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Twisted: Neues Gelände, Zubehör und Artwork

Demented Games zeigen auf Facebook weitere Addons zu ihrem Kickstarter, sowie neues Artwork.

Erst mal gibt es ein neues Logo und das Artwork der Counter und Templates, die sich, auf dicke Pappe gedruckt und vorgestanzt, im Regelbuch befinden sollen. Die Rede ist von 2, eventuell 3 Seiten solcher Counter und Templates.

It’s time to focus on some of the new design work going on for Twisted apart from the miniatures – check out all this new stuff in the images!


New Logo

We have a shiny new logo! Designed by the talented Lily McDonnell the new logo captures the steampunk feel of Twisted beautifully and also alludes to the kind of Art Nouveau feel we have going in much of our work.

We think it looks lovely and it will certainly look fantastic when used on our packaging and in the Twisted Rulebook. We will soon be rolling out the new logo throughout our Facebook Page and Website.

DG_Demented_Games_Twisted_Neue_Addons_Artwork_2 DG_Demented_Games_Twisted_Neue_Addons_Artwork_3

Counters & Templates

Lily has also been hard at work on the Counters and Templates for Twisted. These will be included in the Twisted Rulebook box as a number of die cut card sheets. The number of sheets is yet to be finalised but it will be at least two and probably three.

These Counters and Templates will be on nice heavy card and should be tough enough to last during the rigours of gaming. Once again Lily has really caught the spirit of each Essence and has kept true to the Art Nouveau feel I mentioned earlier.

There will be more Counters representing things such as Sinkholes, The Sewer Slime, Rat Swarms and a Gentlefolk Bobby Catch Wagon. These are used in the game on occasion and we’ll talk more about them in another update.

Etwas später kam ein weiteres Update mit noch mehr Bildern und Infos zu den verschiedenen Tokens, die enthalten sein werden. Die einzelnen Counter, sowie deren Verwendung, werden im ausführlichen Text erläutert und bieten weitere Einblicke in das Spiel:


Counters and Tokens

The Twisted game will come with a whole bunch of Counters and Tokens, die cut from nice sturdy card. Last update we showed off the basic „State Tokens“ and some of the Templates. This time we will feature the counters and tokens that feature in some of the Missions and in the Fascinating Features section of the rulebook.

The Fascinating Features are small fun terrain elements & effects that you can add to your games of Twisted if you wish. It’s an optional section of the rules so both you and your opponent should agree on whether or not to use them.

There are 20 options given in the book, ranging from Angry Locals to the tricky Timeskip Bubble. Also featured are the dangerous Sewer Slimes and slightly less dangerous Rat Swarms.

You can see most of the tokens above. These aren’t quite complete yet but they are really close.Lily McDonnell is doing a great job on all these counters and we are really happy with how they have come out.

The Sewer Grate is used when the Sewer Slime Fascinating Feature is rolled. Four or these are placed around the table and during the game any roll of 1 on a D20 will cause a Sewer Slime to emerge from a grate and begin hunting.

The Slime isn’t controlled by either player but acts in the Maintenance Phase of each turn moving towards, and attempting to attack, the nearest Character from either Company on the table. The Slime can be attacked and it may be in the interests of the players for their Characters to work together to kill the beast once it has appeared…

On the image of the counters above you can also see a Sinkhole, some Rough Ground & Refuse, the Rat Swarm and the counter that can be used to represent M’Dusa’s Seeker Snake when she releases one.

We also have the Smoke Template showing along with the counter representing a Catch Wagon. The Catch Wagon is used in one of the missions where an important ally of one of the Factions has been arrested. One group is trying to ensure he or she reaches jail, the other is trying to fee their companion…

Die Charakter-Karte des Sewer Slime wurde auch gezeigt:


Here is the Sewer Slime’s Character Card. He needs some more testing yet but this is roughly how he’ll be. He’s quite a dangerous (and rather oozy) character…

Auch von den Würfeln sind Testexemplare eingetroffen, mit denen man wohl sehr zufrieden ist:



We received samples of the dice we will be ordering for the Twisted Rulebook boxes during the week.

These are really nice dice (and as a 30 year plus D&D player I know my dice!). The balance seems good and they are made of a good quality plastic. These will come packed in your Twisted Rulebook boxes.

Dem Pledge Manager dieses bereits abgeschlossenen Kickstarters wurden nochmal kleinere Terrain-Elemente als Add-Ons hinzugefügt:

New Terrain in the Pledge Manager!

Craig and the guys at Miniature Scenery have done test cuts on two new items of terrain for Twisted and they worked perfectly so we can now offer it to you to add in as part of your Pledges!


The Fascinating Fences

This set of lovely fences has been designed once again by the inestimable Craig Clark at Miniature Scenery. In the pack you get three panels of fence and four posts so you can build almost any configuration you like.

These are perfect for giving cover and for making your table more interesting by restricting free movement through all areas. Of course, Twisted being Twisted your characters are able to climb over the fences if they wish but success isn’t guaranteed and you might end up falling flat on your back with a rather painful thump!


Add On Details

These cool elements are designed to be used to add extra detail to the simpler buildings in our range such as Abbott & Gillard – Moneylenders & The Assay Office. You get doors, dormer style windows, gratings and a bunch of other cool bits to really make your buildings unique. You can, of course, add them to any other building you might own to „Twistify“ it (I just made that word up…)

These really nifty details will make your table come to life and the more doors the better as you can move through buildings in Twisted as long as the building has doors on more than one side. This is a bit tricky to manage as you first need to break in and then get through without copping a frying pan to the back of the head from a miffed housewife indoors! It can be worth the risk though, especially of Ollyver is thundering towards you looking a bit cross…

To add this new terrain to your Pledge if you have already closed it off just log back into the Pledge Manager and look for this button:

It is just at the bottom of the very first screen you land on. Click it and you will be able to add the new stuff in. Just remember to finalise your order again when you are done.

Zu guter Letzt noch einige Artworks, die wohl ihren Weg ins Regelbuch finden werden:

DG_Demented_Games_Twisted_Neue_Addons_Artwork_9 DG_Demented_Games_Twisted_Neue_Addons_Artwork_10 DG_Demented_Games_Twisted_Neue_Addons_Artwork_11

New Illustrations

We have a number of artists and Illustrators working away to help build the image of the world of Twisted. These are going to be featured in the rulebook, some as full page art and some as filler pieces. The more art the better I say – it really helps flesh out our world and quite frankly I just really like seeing nice art 🙂

Here you can see a new Twisted street scene and Gentlefolk Factory by Mitchell Nolte, and some artwork by Konrad Langa to accompany the ‚movement rules‘ in the Twisted Rulebook.

Es ist immer noch möglich, über den Pledge Manager in den Kickstarter einzusteigen. Dort sind auch die neuen Add-ons zu finden.

To add this new terrain to your Pledge if you have already closed it off just log back into the Pledge Manager and look for this button:

It is just at the bottom of the very first screen you land on. Click it and you will be able to add the new stuff in. Just remember to finalise your order again when you are done.

If you haven’t Pledged and want to join in the Participation Page is still open. You can find it here:

If you get stuck or are at all unsure just email us: sales@dementedgames.com and we’ll give you a hand from the back end.

Link: Twisted Game auf Facebook


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  • Ich war ja damals echt versucht da einzusteigen, konnte mich aber beherrschen. Mir jetzt die Möglichkeit mit dem Pledgemanager im nachhinein zu geben finde ich sehr gefährlich ^^.

    • Das ist echt viel, aber irgendwo haben sie glaub ich auch mal das angepeilte Gesamtgewicht angegeben, was auch schon nicht ganz ohne war.
      Internationaler Versand nicht so billig. Habe letztens für nen Resintroll aus UK 7£ bezahlt, wovon über die Hälfte schon für die Marke draufgegangen sind. Dickes Buch aus Schweden kostet auch mal eben über 10€.
      Pakete aus dem Ausland nach Deutschland sind mitunter richtig teuer. Da sind wir hier vom Inlandsversand schon ein bisschen verwöhnt.

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