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Twisted: Neue Previews

Für Twisted gibt’s auf Facebook weitere Vorschaubilder und Informationen zum abgeschlossenen Kickstarter.

Hi everyone, Sebastian and I have some really nifty stuff to show off this update including the fantastic FREE Steam Imp and the final concept art for the last of the Monkey King’s companions, Tricia Harker.

ttg_twisted_the_game_smoke_imp_monkey_troupe_1 ttg_twisted_the_game_smoke_imp_monkey_troupe_2 ttg_twisted_the_game_smoke_imp_monkey_troupe_3

Steam Imp

Based on the excellent concept by Nicolas Amoroso, Sebastian has pulled out all the stops on this small (he’s only 24mm to the top of his hat!) but awesome miniature that will be given FREE to everyone who participates in our Twisted Kickstarter Pledge Manager for any miniatures/terrain. It’s not too late: you can still join in and receive the steam imp – plus all the other freebies – via this link:


I particularly love the smoky wisp that forms his lower body and the weird pistons that somehow seem attached to it. This little fellow is definitely brought into being using the power of the Engine!

He will come with an integral base, cast right into the miniature. There is a reason for this: the Invocation used to summon him allows the player to place him anywhere in line of sight and range of the Invocation so there is a good chance he’ll end up perched high on the roof of No. 42 Carver Lane or the Old Corner Shop.

The small integral base will allow you to blu-tac him on a tiny perch or balance him on a narrow ledge. We will supply him with a standard 30mm base too in case you want to pop him on a more scenic base.

I’ve always had a thing for tiny minis and this little chap certainly hits that note.

ttg_twisted_the_game_smoke_imp_monkey_troupe_4 ttg_twisted_the_game_smoke_imp_monkey_troupe_5 ttg_twisted_the_game_smoke_imp_monkey_troupe_6 ttg_twisted_the_game_smoke_imp_monkey_troupe_7

Tricia Harker

Tricia is the last of the Monkey King’s companions to have her concept art finalised.

She is the stern and slightly dour leader of the group of misfits consisting of Monkey, Tzandi and Pigsty. She certainly has her work cut out for her as Monkey is irrepressible! (Sorry – had to do that… fans of the show should get it 🙂 )

Owen Aurelio has done a cracking job on the concept art and I particularly like her drum-fed double barrel shotgun. One thing you can be assured of with Tricia is that she will brook no nonsense from anyone, Monkey and her foes included.

I have also attached pics of her companions as a reminder of what a great set these guys will be when complete.

REMEMBER: the RESIN versions of Monkey, Tzandi, Pigsty and Tricia will ONLY be available through the Twisted Kickstarter Pledge Manager – but it’s not too late to join in!

Ein Update zum Pledge Manager und dem, was sich noch tun könnte, gibt es auch:

Pledge Manager

Due to the delay as mentioned in Kickstarter update #80 we are leaving the Pledge Manager open for a bit yet. Craig is beavering away at new terrain so there is a good chance we’ll be able to slip in one more building before it closes.

We’ll be sure to let you all know in plenty of time before we close the Pledge Manager. At this stage it is anticipated to close either late December or early January.

Remember if you have any queries or questions at all, or wish to add to your pledge via Paypal, simply email us at sales@dementedgames.com we will help you out as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your support, patience and understanding. You good people are all awesome.


Link: Twisted Game auf Facebook


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