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Twisted: Neue Greens

Auch zu Twisted gibt es neue Greens.

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Hi Everyone,

First up: we are very close to launching the Kickstarter Pledge Manager, the extra coding is all complete so all we need to do are the final checks to make sure it’s working properly before we go live. Thanks again to all of you for being so patient. If you want to join in the fun as a late Kickstarter backer, we’ll also have that option available 🙂

While we’ve been waiting, you’ll be pleased to hear that Sebastian has been keeping busy by making a strong start on sculpting the Egyptians! Here are some WIP photos of the first two Desert Guardians of Set, which come in the Egyptian Starter and Expansion faction boxes.

In these photos the sculpts are about 75% complete: the main things remaining are the weapons, some extra detailing, and of course the ‚Set helmets/masks‘ that are the iconic and most characterful part of these Desert Guardian concepts. It looks like Sebastian has made a really great start on these first Egyptians, and he’s been having a lot of fun working on them!

As usual, Sebastian has been using a mix of Super Sculpey Firm and BeeSPutty Plastic (firm) polymer clays for the sculpting, along with Tamiya Quick Type epoxy putty for some detail parts (the bone-coloured bits). For those of you who are new to miniatures, these figures are sculpted by hand at 1:1 scale, so the sculpted originals are 32mm sized, the same as the final production retail casts.

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    • Sebastian Archer.
      Ich freue mich wie verrückt auf den Pledge Manager. Die Auszüge aus den Regeln und den Sonderregeln der einzelnen Charaktere lassen vermuten, dass man hier auch schon mit wenigen Minis recht abwechslungsreiche Spiele bestreiten kann.

      Man kann übrigens auch noch nachträglich in das Projekt einsteigen.

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