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Twisted: Kickstarter Update

Demented Games haben ein Update zur Auslieferung ihres Kickstarters veröffentlicht.

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Kickstarter Fulfilment pushed back – new FREE figure for backers – new Tzandi sculpt – general production update

Hi everyone,

November is upon us, and you may have realised that we are running a little behind schedule with Kickstarter fulfilment. As it stands, we need to push back the fulfilment date by a few months. We are now planning to have all of Wave 1 shipped in the first part of 2017, with Wave 2 following later in 2017.

Peter and I are very sorry to keep you waiting, and we are working very hard to have everything finished as soon as we can. Thank you for bearing with us, your support has been absolutely incredible so far and it is deeply appreciated. Peter and I would never have been able to get here without your help! We have created a special FREE miniature for you to apologise for the delay, and to thank you all for your generous support (free Steam Imp – see details below!).

Production Progress Update:

Here is a breakdown of where we currently stand with production for the Twisted Kickstarter:

Rules: The Rulebook has grown 50% and is now up to 150 pages! Thanks to all of your support we have been able to enhance the Rulebook with lots of extra bonus stuff, and we’re very proud of it. We want to make sure the rules are the best they can possibly be before we have the book printed, so we are taking some extra time to make sure everything is finalised properly. We’re almost there, and we are confident that you’ll love the Twisted Rulebook.

Miniatures: ALL the Wave 1 miniatures have been sculpted, and are now in production! We are currently having metal masters cast so that we can continue making the metal production moulds for the ‚Faction Sets‘. For Wave 2, about 30% of the miniatures have been sculpted so far, and we are working well towards completing the rest. (Wave 2 includes the Egyptians, Monkey King’s party, and other assorted special characters not included in the core Faction Sets)

Terrain: Our production partner Miniature Scenery is hard at work and laser cutting is currently in progress for all the terrain involved in the Twisted Kickstarter! That is great news and all the terrain should be ready to ship with Wave 1. Craig Clark is also busily designing more Twisted terrain as we speak, so we hope to have regular terrain released for Twisted to keep things interesting!

Pledge Manager – you can still join the Twisted Kickstarter!

Due to the delay, we are able to leave the Pledge Manager open for a while longer for your convenience. So there is still plenty of time to finalise your pledge (or join in!), and hopefully we may still have some extra goodies to add before the Pledge Manager closes for good!

Remember if you have any queries or questions at all, or wish to add to your pledge via Paypal, simply email us at sales@dementedgames.com and Peter or I will help you out as soon as possible.

It’s not too late to invite friends to join the Twisted Pledge Manager and get in on the Kickstarter deals! Simply email us or join in using the following Participation Page:


New FREE miniature for all Kickstarter backers – the Steam Imp!

To apologise for the Twisted fulfilment delay, we have created a new character that will be FREE to all backers who are receiving a physical shipment of any kind from Twisted!

The Steam Imp is not bound to any faction, but rather can be called into this plane of existence by a special alchemantic invocation – ‚Instant Imp‘ – in order to receive special bonuses! (check out the game card below)

The awesome concept art was developed by our wonderful artist Nicolas Amoroso. Thanks again for another fantastic concept, Nicolas – you’re a genius!


I’ve finished sculpting the second member of the Monkey King’s party: this is Tzandi, the river-demon (our Twisted steampunk female version!). She accompanies Monkey on his travels and adds some alchemantic power to the troupe of travellers. Sculpts for Pigsty and Tricia Harker are coming soon to complete the set!

Thanks again for your support everyone, and sincere apologies again for the fulfilment delay. Thanks for bearing with us, and we’ll work as fast as we can to get everything finalised and shipped to you.

-Peter and Sebastian

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  • Also wenn das Regelbuch um 50% auf 150 Seiten anschwillt klingt das für mich eher nicht nach einer positiven Nachricht. Man kann nur hoffen für die Spieler, dass es sich nur um zusätzliche Bilder und Regelbeispiele handelt und nicht versucht wird die Regeln künstlich aufzublasen, denn die Minis scheinen absolut klasse zu werden.

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