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Total War Warhammer: Waldelfen

Die Waldelfen kommen auf die Bildschirme!

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That’s right – we’re here with our brand new Tree-LC, and it’s one you’ve been waiting for… Pre-order now, and check out the roster: http://store.steampowered.com/app/534331/

Available 8th December 2016, Realm of The Wood Elves introduces the exotic and powerful race of The Wood Elves to the Total War: WARHAMMER Grand Campaign, plus their own narrative mini-campaign, The Season of Revelation.

With epic new Legendary Lords, Heroes, battlefield units, monsters, magic and more, the Wood Elves range forth from Athel Loren, and can capture any settlement they come across. By far the most powerful and versatile archers in the game, they can equip a range of magical arrows, fire on the move, and are often joined by their Woodland allies such as Dryads, Great Eagles, Forest Dragons and vast, ancient Treemen.

With two different start positions for the Legendary Lords, players can co-op as the Wood Elves in both the main campaign and in the mini-campaign!


Im Wiki gibt es noch ein paar Informationen:

The Elven Council

The Wood Elves may have fled their homelands in Ulthuan for a life in Athel Loren, but they’re still Elves: intelligent, hierarchical and deeply aristocratic. One of the ways we’re reflecting this is through the Elven Council.

Rather like the Offices panel you’d see in an Empire campaign, the Elves have a number of positions which Wood Elf Lords – Glade Lords and Ancient Treemen – may be assigned to when they reach the required level. What’s more, depending on your choice of Legendary Lord, the offices will be different.

Choose Orion, The King in The Wood as your Legendary Lord and you’ll have the Elven Council to populate. Play as the ancient Treeman Durthu, Leader of Argwylon, and you’ll have access to the forest-spirit equivalent, the Gathering of The Ancients, a series of ministerial positions which bring different bonuses and benefits to the Elven Council. Today we’ll be focusing on the Elven Council however.

If there’s one overriding factor that defines the way the Wood Elves campaign experience, it’s specialisation through choice. Choice is present in their Lords’ skill trees – do you go for melee or ranged upgrades for your Lord and his troops? There’s decisions to be made in how you choose to spend your Amber – a limited resource in the world – be it techs, units, buildings or edging closer towards your victory conditions by growing the Oak of Ages. And there’s also choice, and the specialisations those choices bring, in the Elven Council.

As the campaign begins, there are three positions open in the Elven Council: Protector of The Oak, Elder Speaker, and The King in The Wood – an office unique to Orion and bringing a large buff to his income from any sacked settlements. Any Lord of Level 10 or above can be assigned as Protector Of The Oak, which grants him major leadership improvements to Forest Spirit units, reduces enemy Hero success chances, and makes Treemen a lot cheaper to recruit into his army. At level 15 or above, a Lord may be assigned as the Elder Speaker, majorly increasing his aura size, unit experience gains in his army, and providing a powerful factionwide trade-income boost.

Four more potential offices exist however, but these can only be enabled when the requisite Council building is constructed. The Council buildings and their associated offices are The Wildwood Waystones (Warden of The Wildwood), The Wild Heath (Herald of The Hunt), The Wardancer Feast Halls (The Trickster’s Masque), and the Starlight Forge (Starlight Craftsman).

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