The Other Side: Kickstarter läuft

Der neue Kickstarter von Wyrd ist online und finanziert.

The Other Side is a cinematic wargame by Wyrd Miniatures that combines streamlined rules with the tough, tactical decisions and ruthless combat that are a staple of modern miniature gaming.

Players take control of a company of troops ranging from powerful commanders to massive titans to rank and file squads. The Other Side miniatures come preassembled, which means you can go directly from the box to the table.

Why use Kickstarter?

Wyrd has invested in The Other Side independently for a number of years, dedicating resources into game design, art, and sculpting. We’ve playtested the rules thoroughly and done tests for model production, including trying new molding technologies.

At this stage, most of the models are sculpted, but the goal of this Kickstarter is to ensure the game debuts as it should: with a large selection of high quality miniatures available from the start. In order to accomplish this, we need help from our great community and backers like you. This Kickstarter will help to offset the large cost of production on a project of this scope, allowing us to deliver the detailed, dynamic miniatures you want.

So sieht das kleinste Pledge aus:

wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-1 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-2 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-3

wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-4 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-5

Weiter geht es mit diesem Pledge:

The Commander Pledge Level (below) includes a softcover rulebook, an Allegiance Box of your choice (see Champion level for the contents), the Titan for your chosen Allegiance (on a 120mm base), and all Commander level free Stretch Goals.

This Pledge Level gives everything you need to play a one Commander game with the added flexibility of having a Titan to field in your games.

wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-6 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-7

Videos mit Infos gibt es auch:

The game can be played with a variable number of Commanders, which changes both the size of the game and the time it takes to play. At the beginning of every game, the players decide how many Commanders they wish to use in the game.

In a one Commander game, each side will field forces of around 30 models, though this number varies based on the cost of the units chosen (Titans, for example, will lower the overall model count). Each of our Allegiance boxes contain all the models you need to play a full one Commander game!

In a two Commander game, each side will field forces of approximately 45 models, varying widely based on unit choices. A player who fields multiple Titans may find themselves with far fewer, while a player who focuses on cheap units may find they have more. At two Commanders, a game will take approximately two hours to play.

Only Commanders in the Other Side are unique, allowing players to field their favorite units multiple times or to branch out and bring different units. This includes the massive Titans, allowing for very diverse forces on the tabletop.

All painted miniatures in the video were painted by Den of Imagination. Check out their great offerings!

Zu den Modellen gibt es natürlich auch Infos:

The miniatures for The Other Side come preassembled, featuring amazing sculpts that appeal to hobbyists and gamers alike. It’s never been so easy to get into a miniatures game!

These miniatures use a custom blend of PVC to create high quality, heroic 32mm scale miniatures. Breaking out of the standard creation process for PVC miniatures, we are digitally cutting our miniatures and using a new type of mold to shoot the best miniatures we can.

If you liked Wyrd’s Aionus or Tortoise and the Hare preassembled miniatures, you’ll love these. We have taken that process and made some changes on it, allowing for clean, highly detailed miniatures.

Below is a look at some of our early test sculpts and the concepts they were born from.

wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-8 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-9 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-10 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-11

All painted miniatures above were painted by Den of Imagination. Check out their great offerings!

Die Modelle also werden aus PVC sein (also vermutlich in etwa dem neuen, verbesserten Restic entsprechen, das z.B. Mantic Games bei Walking Dead zutzen):

The minis seen above were early test runs, and our final production miniatures are of even higher quality. We have a video of these unpainted figures below, giving you a sense of the quality of the miniatures for this game.

Many of our models are part of multi-model Fireteam bases. Not only do these provide an easy way to move models around the table, but they also offer great basing opportunities for hobbyists.

Players can create their own scenic or narrative bases using the larger Fireteam bases, blending the model bases into the larger Fireteam base.

wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-12 wy-wyrd-the-other-side-kickstarter-13

Each unit in The Other Side brings a great potential to the table, all without the need to assemble your own minis!

We are also aware that preassembled miniatures aren’t for everyone. Though we won’t offer unassembled Other Side models to retail, we will make unassembled version of the units available on our webstore some time after the game goes to retail, giving players who prefer to do assembly the chance to do so.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 37 Tage.

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