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Sukubus Studio: Witches Team bei Indiegogo

Sukubus Studio hat bei Indiegogo gerade ein Witches Team am laufen.

Who are we?

Hi everyone. We’re Laia and Ian, founders of Sukubus Studio We’re delighted to show you the third miniatures range we’ve developed on 3D for our studio.
Thanks to this platform we are glad to show you our creations and would like to know your thoughts. We hope you like them as much as we’ve enjoyed developing.

Witches Team:

Witches Team is made up by a group of dark elves warriors. In it there are diverse kinds of Witches that represent the diverse roles in a Fantasy Football match.
The idea came to us when Valkyries Team campaign finished. The feedback from backers was amazing during Sukubus Team and Valkyries Team. Thanks for their support, encourage us to continue producing Fantasy Football Teams. For this occasion we decided to do something different again, and continue to offer alternative quality miniatures.

Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_01 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_02 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_03 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_04

Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_05 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_06 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_07 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_08

Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_09 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_10 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_11 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_12

Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_13 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_14 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_15


Production will be made in high quality resin on a 32 mm scale. We’re certain of the finishing of each miniature, as they will be made by our friends at RN Estudio, great professionals that have a lot of experience in this kind of campaigns.


Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_16 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_17


This counter is an exclusive gift for this campaign. Each backer will receive only one counter per package or one per each complete team in case that you order more than one.


We want to offer the best quality for our backers. That’s why we have managed to make the production of Witches Dices with Chessex.

A great customized dices company that get the best results.

Stretch Goals:

Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_20 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_26 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_25

Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_24 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_23 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_22 Sukubus_Studio_Witches_Team_Indiegogo_21

What will we do with the Money?

Thanks to your support we’ll be able to carry out production and all costs that it implies:

Production of master models (3D printing).

Serial manufacturing of your miniatures (resin copies).

Packing, shipping and taxes costs.

Delivery Date:

We expect to be able to deliver the product by October 2016. Thus, once the campaign is over, we’ll need 4 months to make the serial production and few weeks more or less to send you your miniatures. It depends on the number of backers.


Quelle: Sukubus Studio Witches Team bei Indiegogo


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    • Dito! Glaub da steig ich ein, hast mit 80€ ein paar sehr schöne Modelle (von denen man einige auch sicher anders einsetzen kann) und damit ein komplettes System abgedeckt. Endlich mal wieder was Interessantes auf Indigogo, ohne den Zugang zu ner Kreditkarte ist mir das Kickstarter pledgen meist zu umständlich..

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