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SLA Industries: Neue Previews

Daruma präsentieren neue Preview Bilder für SLA auf Facebook.

SLA_Industries_Neue_Previews_01 SLA_Industries_Neue_Previews_02

Good Evening SLA Fans!
Whilst we await the return of the Printed Masters for the Scavs from the Print company, we thought we would like to share a couple of images with you!
Rooker and McNultie are now rendered!! Both versions, Decembers Retailer sculpt release and the Kickstarter Exclusive sculpts.
First up, is Shiver Sgt Rooker – wearing his 1st Division issue HARD armour, wielding his favourite Finisher and Pick axe combination, Sgt Rooker is beloved by all of the Shivers under his command as he leads from the front and does all he can to preserve the lives under his command.
The miniature comes with a choice of Head options – either Rookers head or the HARD armour standard helmet plus a loose Finisher pistol that you can use for conversions or modelling purposes.
McNultie is the quintessential Frother – Fearless, Charismatic and a total nutter. Utilising his favourite Claymore, McNultie also comes with a loose FEN091 which can be maglocked anywhere that you choose. He is definitely looking to pick a fight!
These 2 models are gorgeous, they epitomise the rugged construction and low cost yet effective protection offered by the HARD armour. Now, did Brandy mention something about stat cards for these 2 fellas..?

We are saving revealing the alt. poses for the Kickstarter update on Tuesday – Rooker is gorgeous, but wait til you see McNultie!!

This means, that the Joe Fade, Rooker and McNultie metal and resin miniatures should be in production well ahead of time! And, we aim to capitalise on the momentum we currently have to make sure that the Cannibals are in production comfortably before a January 2017 release, and.. if that weren’t enough there is Digger and **REDACTED**!!



Quelle: Daruma auf Facebook


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  • Die wirken leider sehr steif.
    Zwar wird im Text eine starke Betonung auf diese HARD armour gelegt, aber irgendwie erinnert mich das an aus Kartons gebastelte Ritterrüstungen aus Kindertagen. Darin war man auch nicht sonderlich beweglich und die sahen auch in etwa so aus.

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