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Sigma Event 2177: Kickstarter Relaunch

Clear Horizon Miniatures haben ihren Sigma Event Kickstarter neu gestartet.

We’ve listened to all your great feedback and we’re back with more pledge options, adjusted funding goal and stretch goals!

All the miniatures are scaled at 15mm or approximately 1/100. At this scale a „normal“ human is approximately 15mm from the base of the foot to the eye.

These miniatures are all white metal cast miniatures and some are single part and some are multi-part. All included miniatures come unpainted and require assembly and painting and are not for small children.

CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_1 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_2

The HADES Reaper teams are wearing advanced power armor and are about 8′ tall in scale, or about 19mm tall. The Prime Hive Swarm miniatures are about the size of a large bear in scale.

You can use these miniatures with whatever ruleset you like, and while we at ClearHorizon Miniatures really enjoy playing and support Gruntz we also love all types of games and gaming periods!

These miniatures work great for periods ranging from Sci-Fi to Post-Apocalyptic. There are no limits here!

CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_3 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_4 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_5

CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_6 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_8 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_9

The starter set / scenario pack comes with: 

  • HADES Reaper Team
  • Prime Hive Ground Swarm
  • Hive Flying Swarm
  • HADES Light Recon Mech
  • Science Team
  • KS Exclusive Operative Ker
  • Gruntz-Lite Rules Sheet
  • Unit Data cards
  • Scenario Data Card
  • 20mm Plastic bases
  • 40mm Plastic base


Don’t want to use the Gruntz-Lite rules? Don’t worry! The Starter set / Scenario Pack is also a great deal for miniatures, comes with the KS exclusive Operative Ker miniature and the awesome science team miniatures (I’ve used my science team for the Post-Apocalyptic game „This is Not a Test“ by Worlds End Publishing). The scenario rules will also be adaptable enough to be used with almost any ruleset with minimal fuss.

Das sind einige der Pledges:

CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_10 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_11 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_12 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_13

CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_14 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_15 CHM_Sigma_Event_Kickstarter_16

Produced in partnership with GameCraft Miniatures, the six Colony Buildings are designed to:

  • Fit a 2’x2′ board
  • Provide cover and interesting tabletop tactical options
  • Be lightweight but sturdy
  • Be easy to assemble
  • Not require paint, but allow for as much detail as you want to provide

These buildings were designed by Allen at GameCraft Miniatures and he uses his giant arrays of sharks with laserbeams on their heads to precisely laser cut matboard to exact specifications.

The matboard is a strong study material that comes grey in color. Allen has a great video here on how to work with the material.  (It’s really pretty simple, I promise!)

Each terrain set comes with two variants (Destroyed and intact) of three buildings:

  • Small one-story
  • Medium one-story
  • Large two-story

Each set is enough to cover a 2’x2′ board and help create interesting and tactically challenging battles. Add more sets and some scatter terrain and you can really spice things up!

Und das sind die Stretch Goals:


Die Kampagne läuft noch 26 Tage und ist bereits finanziert.

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