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Renedra: Neue Preview Bilder

Renedra hat neue Preview Bilder ihres Burgturms gepostet.

Renedra_neue_Burgturm_Bilder_01 Renedra_neue_Burgturm_Bilder_02 Renedra_neue_Burgturm_Bilder_03 Renedra_neue_Burgturm_Bilder_04

Renedra_neue_Burgturm_Bilder_05 Renedra_neue_Burgturm_Bilder_06 Renedra_neue_Burgturm_Bilder_07

Yesterday we put the Crenellations frame up for first test shots, overall we were really pleased with the way the mould performed. In the Tower box there will be 2 of these frames, not only do you get the Crenellations we also managed to add 4 Wall Torches and 4 Gargoyles (two different types) onto each frame (these are optional extras). We also have run the base frame with ’stone‘ flooring detail added, there will be 2 of these frames in the Tower box, one for mid section and one for the top section, but for those who are interested in having more of these bases we will be adding these as a separate item to our webstore – they will be bagged in packs of 2 (£6) or 4 (£10) size of the bases 128mm x 105mm x approximately 2.5mm thick. All of our products are manufactured in high quality High Impact Polystyrene (same as we use for all our customers miniature figures). The colour will be grey. For our display that we are going to have at Salute – Tony (Terry’s twin brother) is painting a Castle frontage, so we have taken some photos of what he has done so far, (this is still very much a work in progress), but we wanted to show how the Crenellations and Bases have made a difference, and with ease of modelling the castle can be customised to suit your own requirements. Tony has added some of the Wall Torches to part of his display. The Portcullis is moulded to be a closed item but it took Tony just a few minutes to modify this to appear open. He has also cut the doors so that they can be fixed in an open position. The Ramparts in the picture are still at the modelling stage, and not moulded product. At this stage we are on target for a Slaute release for the 3 Tier Tower and the 4 Tier Gatehouse, the rest of the Wall/Ramparts will be available we believe if all goes well probably early May. Initially they will be available from our Webstore and from Northstar Miniatures.

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