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Red Box Games: Gynnade Krigare

Red Box Games planen die Gynnade Krigare wieder zu bringen, als Set mit modularen Miniaturen.

Red Box Games_Gynnade Krigare 1 Red Box Games_Gynnade Krigare 2

i am considering bringing back the Gynnade Krigare in Metal as a Red Box Games Store exclusive for the month of January ONLY. $35 for the full set shipped in febuary For those of you new enough to RBG to not know the Gynnade Krigare kits they are a set of 5 modular figures with universally interchangeable heads, weapon hands and shield hands AND they also have a set of left hand weapon options and alternate head options as well.
My Thanks for the AWESOME paint jobs on these to Ben Brownlie!! Any interest in these??

Quelle: Red Box Games auf Facebook


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