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Raging Heroes: Toughest Girls 2 Riesenupdate

Raging Heroes haben auf ihrer Website ein recht umfangreiches Update zum Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2 KS gepostet.

TGG2 14 TGG2 13 TGG2 12 TGG2 11

TGG2 10 TGG2 9 TGG2 8 TGG2 7

TGG2 6TGG2 5 TGG2 4

TGG2 3 TGG2 2 TGG2 1

If you have a hard time envisioning how massive our current output is, here are just a few of images of the minis that were printed and moulded since our last Update. Please keep in mind that not everything is shown here. For specific details on each model and its production status, please scroll down to the last section of this Update.

TGG2 19 TGG2 17

TGG2 21 TGG2 16 TGG2 20

As creating the moulds for all Troops and Heroines will be done by very early December, the Foundry will then enter a massive casting phase for all of December. The improvement we have made to the production process with the pizza pie Family moulds (which we showed you in our previous Update) means that we will have a faster and more effective process of picking, quality control, and packing, thereby speeding delivery.
Consequently, this means that the next round of shipments would start in January for the bulk of our backers, and possibly earlier for some of you. We look forward to working with the Foundry in this upcoming casting phase to more accurately forecast the delivery process for you.

Und dann gibt es im Update noch neue Informationen über die nächsten Kickstarter:

Terrain KS

You may remember that we announced a scenery Kickstarter for November… But as you might have noticed, this campaign has not yet launched. One of the reasons we are always reluctant about making announcements on what is coming is that much happens while we develop projects: new ideas come up, new concepts, new twists… Very often, it feels like it would be quite sad not to give that some extra time in order push the best of these ideas to fruition. So we decided to allow more time to this project.
During this Fall, two things happened. First, there were a few pretty big projects running on Kickstarter in November, and so it felt that the timing to launch our campaign was not optimal. Then, we received new concepts for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy’s fortifications and other buildings. They were so crazily good that, in turn, new interesting ideas popped up and so, it made a lot of sense to reorganise this Scenery project.
So, since there will be much more than expected for this gothic themed scenery, we have decided to push back the whole Scenery Project a little, and break it up in 3 distinct Kickstarter projects.

  • The first one will be the Sisters / Gothic theme.
  • The two other ones will be KST scenery, split in 2 different projects: brutalist/Art Deco/Soviet-looking fortifications, and a Ghost in the Shell-type urban environment.

The idea of splitting the Scenery Project in 3 will have several positive impacts:

  • It gives us more time to design more awe-inspiring constructions
  • We are likely to have all the 3D work done before we even launch each Kickstarter project
  • Fulfilment for each project will go much faster as the Foundry will only have one third of the Scenery to manufacture at a time.

If you are very excited about these pieces, it will allow you to spread your expenditures over a longer time period.

So we definitely think this will be a win-win for everybody.

Und es gibt zudem ein kleines Update zu den Regelsystemen für die härtesten Mädchen der Galaxies:

We are working hard on this. We had a first set of alpha tests last month, and we have another series all of next week.
We currently have 2 games in development. They somehow run on the same DNA and are very complementary in terms of development. What it means is that working on one help us finesse the concepts of the other.
Of course, one is the 28mm TGG game. The other, also set in the TGG universe, is a 54mm game for up to 5 players. This will be a fast and fun game where you’ll be able to unleash your inner megalomaniac super-villain…
So stay tuned! We can’t wait to share more on these 2 projects.

Im Update selber gibt es noch ein paar weitere Infos zum Produktionsstatus verschiedener Minis und ein-zwei weitere Fotos.

Link: Raging Heroes


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  • Egal, wie viel Mühe, sich GW gibt, ich fürchte, sie werden niemals eine bessere Mini für die St.Celestine von den Sororitas auf den Markt bringen können… wow.

    • Stimmt!
      Ich hoffe allerdings, dass ich diese Figur im Pledgemanager ausgewählt habe, sonst wird mir die Inquisition (also meine Frau) meine Verfehlungen deutlich klar machen ; – )

      • Nun der Pladgemanager wird wahrscheinlich fürs Weihnachtsgeschäft noch mal geöffnet. Dann kannst du noch mal los legen. Zumindest haben sie ne Umfrage dazu in dem Update gebracht. ( Original)
        Ich sehe keinen Grund das nicht zu machen 😉

  • Bei den Designs von Frauenminis ist Raging Heroes wirklich unerreichbar aktuell. GW bringt ja gerüchteweise bald mal neue Sororitas, aber ich glaube kaum, dass man an die hier gezeigte Variante von St. Celestine wird heranziehen können, sofern es überhaupt eine neue Version geben wird…

    • Das Gelände sieht sehr interessant aus. Als Referenz wird die Bibliothek aus „der Name der Rose“ genannt, aber es hat auch was vom Hogwarts-Treppenhaus oder den „Carceri“ von Piranesi. Allerdings frage ich mich auch, wie man das halbwegs bezahlbar in 28mm umsetzen will.

  • Das Design der Centaurin finde ich widerlich. Also nicht im guten Sinne, würde ich nie kaufen so ein Modell.
    Der Rest macht einiges her. Aber das dauert echt lange, bis die vorankommen.

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