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Punkapocalyptic: News zum Kickstarter

Punkapocalyptic haben auf ihrem Blog neue Infos und eine ganze Menge Bilder zum derzeitigen Stand der Produktion ihres Black Blood Children Kickstarters gepostet.

Der Kickstarter wurde am 6. August dieses Jahres erfolgreich finanziert und sollte nach dem ursprünglichen Plan im Januar 2017 ausgeliefert werden. Die Auslieferung wird sich etwas verzögern (man peilt derzeit Februar an), da durch den Erfolg des Kickstarters und die vielen zusätzlich freigeschalteten Modelle der Zeitplan nicht ganz eingehalten werden konnte. Hier die Mitteilung von Badrollgames:

Hello everybody. Today we are going to give you an exhaustive insight of the Black Blood Children KS current progress.

All the 3D models have a green light and are ready to go. This stage of the process has taken some time, not only because you managed to unlock a shitload of new models, but also because we tried to put a lot of care and attention to detail on them so you can get the best possible finished product. So we have been working closely with the crew at RN Estudio, adjusting this and that for the renders to be some of our best crown jewels.

All of you who pledged for at least the Black Blood Children basic gang will get the 8 initial miniatures included in it:

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_1 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_2 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_3 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_4

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_5 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_6 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_7 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_8

But also all these free unlocked additional miniatures:

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_9 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_10 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_11

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_12 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_13

And the option to get these add-ons for a reduced price:

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_14 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_15 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_16 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_17

And let’s not forget about the campaign exclusive miniature, the Angry Pet:


Besides, you unlocked three different martabbit designs. These will be made by traditional means (that is, a mostly-human modeller will make them). One of them is already finished, but here you are for the first time the other two concept drawings in which the others will be based:

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_19 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_20 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_21

The rest of the unlocked extras, such as the resin bases and the objective markers, are currently in an advanced production stage:

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_22 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_23 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_24 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_25

The 3D designed miniatures are currently queued for the master printing process by RN Estudio. As soon as that is done, Bigchild Creatives will take care of the mass production. As you already know, a vast majority of backers voted for a resin production. Being this a new material (for us, at least, because Bigchild Creatives has extensively tested it) different to that used in some of our existing miniatures such as Crazy Mel, it is more than fair that you held some doubts about it. To easy your nerves and see the awesome detail level this material can offer, the nice guys at Bigchild run some production tests with an older model from our metal stuff. This is the result:

brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_26 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_27 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_28 brg_badrollgames_punkapocalyptic_black_blood_children_kickstarter_produktionsfortschritt_29

We are sure that, after seeing this, all of you will wonder if our current metal catalog will be produced in resin in the future. Not for now. We have quite a large stock of metal miniatures and we will keep selling them as they are. Once we run out of stock we will have to pause and ponder about it, see what people prefer and if the change in materials wouldn’t be too expensive. If so, we will swap materials for sure. And our future releases will most certainly be made with this type of resin.

Now, after feasting your eyes with all this, a bit of bad news. Due to the amount of extra miniatures and unlocked material, the designing process and the printing queue, the delivery date for this campaign will suffer a small delay from January to hopefully February. But the trickiest part is done, now it is just a matter of sticking to the production terms, receiving the finished goods and packing everything up to send it to your homes.

And we want to thank you again for your support. We encourage you to give a try to the Punkapocalyptic game, for which you will soon have the Alfa version of the campaign rules to build and improve your gangs from Wasteland scum to legends of the Apocalypse.

Link: Badrollgames


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