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Ouroboros Tales: Kickstarter läuft

Von Ouroboro´s Miniatures kommt ein neuer Kickstarter.


We are proud to present the first two miniatures from our Ouroboros Tales range, the Shaman and the Brave. These two 54mm scale miniatures were sculpted by the very talented Denis Soul and are cast in high quality resin by the renowed Grx Créations.

Ouroboros Miniatures is a relatively new company specialising in high quality large scale resin miniatures for painters and collectors. We have been preparing several ranges for quite some time now and could really use your help to bring some of these onto the market.

Producing high quality large scale resin miniatures like the Shaman and the Brave is quite expensive. This Kickstarter, with your help, makes sure we can release them sooner than if we would have done so through the regular channels!

This Kickstarter is for two miniatures. The orc Shaman and the Brave. “Only two miniatures you might ask?“ Yes ‚only‘ for two miniatures…

Because it is our first campaign we want to keep things smooth and simple. What you see is what you get! So no stretch goals for additional miniatures or other distractions! We do have a few nice stretch goals planned. One stretch goal will be available to every backer regardless of what they pledge. Another stretch goal will be for all backers that pledge for the combo pack!

It might not be what you are used to but it is the fairest we can offer. We are a startup company and cannot promise what we cannot deliver.

We would rather do a relatively short and (hopefully!) successful campaign, which will be delivered quickly. Opposed to one that is bogged down by all sorts of delays because we overpromised. I hope and think you can understand that point of view.

Anyway, without further ado. The miniatures in question! 

First up is the Brave. A fierce warrior at heart who scours the lands to provide for the tribe, and always on the lookout for signs of danger. Willing and eager to engage if needed!

OM_Ouroboros_Tales_Orks_2 OM_Ouroboros_Tales_Orks_3

Next up is the Shaman. An old and cunning creature who wears the skin of one of the swamps‘ most deadly denizens… A mighty crocodile!

OM_Ouroboros_Tales_Orks_4 OM_Ouroboros_Tales_Orks_5

Das Duo gibt es auch:

OM_Ouroboros_Tales_Orks_6 OM_Ouroboros_Tales_Orks_7

Und so sehen die Einzelteile aus:


The miniatures are made up of a number of parts which will need some cleaning and gluing. In some circumstances there might be the need to fill some gaps and such.

That being said, this is still a kit that requires some skill! Please note also that the miniatures come unassembled and unpainted!

Die Kampagne läuft noch 16 Tage.

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