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Konflikt ’47: Diverse Neuheiten

Warlord Games haben diverse Neuheiten für Konflikt ’47 in ihrem Shop.

US Mudskipper Jump Walker

Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_01 Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_02 Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_03 Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_04

The Mudskipper is one of the newest walkers off the production line, a heavier platform to give the jump infantry some genuine punch as they advance in to enemy territory. With shock absorbers to handle the jumping manoeuvre and a stripped down chassis to save weight, the Mudskipper is proving a battle-winning addition to Jump Battalions.

The US M2A1 variant replaces the arm-mounted .50 cals with antitank rockets for additional firepower.

Preis: 28.00 GBP

German Heavy Panzerschreck Team

Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_05 Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_06

The panzerschreck was a German development of the bazooka, firing a large calibre shaped-charge rocket projectile. A blast shield was fitted to the weapon to protect the firer, giving it its distinctive appearance.

Carrying an even heavier version of the panzerschreck, heavy armoured infantry can get closer to their targets and wreak havoc on armoured vehicles.

Preis: 6.00 GBP

Und ab sofort kann man auch die Zombies in einem extra Set erwerben.

German Totenkorps

Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_08 Konflikt_47_Diverse_Neuheiten_07

The animated corpses of the Totenkorps divide military opinion, whilst an ethical affront to even military minds, their impact on the battlefield and role in saving Germany in 1944 cannot be denied. The Korps now often finds itself held in reserve until required, normally kept as a weapon of last resort under the most fanatical and loyal SS Commanders.

Preis: 18.00 GBP

Quelle: Warlord Games


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  • Vom Spielsystem her kann ich nix sagen, aber zumindest optisch scheint es so langsam eine sehr gute Konkurrenz für Dust zu werden…

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