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Human Interface: Neuheiten im November

Auch für Human Interface kommen neue Releases.

PIG_Human_Interface_AI_Human_Hybrid_Form_04 PIG_Human_Interface_AI_Human_Hybrid_Form_04_02

AI Human Hybrid Fourth Form – 8,00 Euro

The results of physical test highly above estimated parameters. Speed, reflex and basic tactical abilities, all on the upper end of scale. The simulations proved extreme aptitude for infiltration and assassination.

The instability of behavioral interface was observed, confirmed accidents of ignoring the orders despite of active connection. Thorough modification of control protocols is highly recommended…

Notes of senior specialist Jimmie Asturo on the forth prototype of AIHH, written the day before the funds had been withdrawn and project taken on hold.

PIG_Human_Interface_Officer_Santiago_1 PIG_Human_Interface_Officer_Santiago_2

Officer Santiago – 12,55 Euro

I’ve seen guys like these, hardwired from head to toes, stoned with battle drugs blocking all superior human feelings. Invulnerable. Immortal. Not dreaded by our armors, weapons, combat programs. And all those tough guys, regretted not wearing brown pants the same minute I had unleashed my beauty

Officer Santiago on new model of  Hirayasu D9

PIG_Human_Interface_Terminals_1 PIG_Human_Interface_Terminals_2 PIG_Human_Interface_Terminals_3

Terminals – 6,95 Euro (ohne LED), 13,35 Euro (mit LED)

There are two types of terminals in the game; security Terminals (with numbers and colours) and basic Terminals (just provide access the Tower’s computer network).

Now you can enhance your board with real 3D Terminals one of the two versions – regular or LED.

Designed by ZEN TERRAIN.

PIG_Human_Interface_Coffee_machine_1 PIG_Human_Interface_Coffee_machine_2

Coffee Machines – 5,25 Euro

Compact and simple to use, the Coffee Machine by MIZU offers a perfect coffee every time, thanks to simple, one touch operation and easy to use espresso pods.

Designed by ZEN TERRAIN.

PIG_Human_Interface_Mission_Objectives_1 PIG_Human_Interface_Mission_Objectives_2 PIG_Human_Interface_Mission_Objectives_3

Security Objectives – 5,25 Euro

Secure objectives to be sure that everything is under your control.

Designed by ZEN TERRAIN.


Military Cyberwarfare cards – 5,55 Euro

Military Cyberwarfare cards perfect to use by SAR Angels Corp., RAID44 police team or Black Stone Commandos squad. Supplement to HINT game.

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