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Human Interface: Neue Previews

Postindustrial Games haben bei Beasts of War neue Konzepte für Human Interface vorgestellt.


Leading the way we have Len.Ka for the Bomber Girls who is one hell of a hacker. She has an awesome look to her and would fit in nicely with the idea of the Shapers from Android. She looks like she’s damn good with her tools, able to bosh together whatever equipment she needs.

Following on from her we have a slightly more dangerous looking Bomber Girl; at least when it comes to straight up fighting. See what you make of Bombshell.


She isn’t going to be winning any prizes in the subtlely awards but it’s interesting seeing this image from two different angles. She keeps that blade hidden behind her back while you’re beguiled by her form before she runs you through with that sword of hers.

Taking a more ranged approach to combat we also have U-Bolt.


Heavier weaponry is the name of the day here and you could see her leaping up onto rooftops with that gun of hers to take some pot-shots at her foes in the streets below. She has an awesome look to her and we can’t wait to see how the model turns out.


Following on from those lovely ladies we have Borg No.1 who looks like he might have taken enhancements a little too far…


Quelle: Beasts of War

Link: Postindustrial Games


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  • Human Interface ist so krass mein Ding. Ich muss da mal Investieren. Die Lady mit den Robobeinen hat mir direkt ins Herz gesnippert. :O

  • Ich find nur die erste wirklich klasse. Genau das was ich mir noch gewünscht hatte für Nakamura Tower.
    Der Rest gefüllt mir leider nicht so.

  • Bereue ja bis heute, nicht beim KS mitgemacht zu haben, aber hab kürzlich ein Bundle bei Postindustrial bestellt und freu mich schon drauf.

  • Jedesmal wird man mit Human Interface gequält, manno. Ich könnte mich immer wieder in den Allerwertesten treten, das ich beim Kickstarter gepasst habe. Tolle Konzepte.

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